Fake WAP

The Hacker Ninja Attack That a VPN Can Save You From

There are a myriad of things out there that goes under the overall name ‘hacking.’ But what exactly are these acts and what is the absolutely easiest one for hackers to accomplish?

This is a stealth attack, like a deadly ninja, known as a fake wireless access point (Fake WAP). You may also know it as a ‘man in the middle’ attack. Hackers can do this easily enough, stealing your data secretly so that you’re none the wiser. Worse yet, you’ll HELP them do it! A VPN is your key to making sure this doesn’t happen to you, even if you do fall into their trap.
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world map

How do I Get Around Geo-blocking? The Artful Geo-Dodger

If you’ve never vacationed further from home than L.A. or New York, you’ve likely never experienced geo-blocking before. If, however, you’re like me and you travel all over (or worse: you’re Canadian) you have been met by a screen that looks like the image after the break at some point:
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how does a vpn work

How Does a VPN Work to Protect Privacy?

VPNs are the hot technology out there for those that are concerned about their online privacy. With all of the risks out there, such as hackers, the NSA and your own browser, looking to take your information it is risky to not use a VPN of some sort.

Knowing they work is great, but knowing how they work can help you determine that they are right for you and that you need one. We’ll look at how they work, what they’re superior to and how they could impact your internet speed.

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mobile vpn

Mobile VPN Technology – Now for Your Tablet and Smartphone

People have long associated VPN technology use with their laptop. This makes sense as people have been carrying their laptops with them all over since they were first introduced. This meant using other people’s WiFi at the local coffee shop, a different office or any other public hotspot.

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