Hulu blocking VPNs and our Top 3 Providers

UPDATE: Hulu has blocked all VPN providers we have tested. They do play whack-a-mole with some, but your best hope to enjoy the content they had available is by using a VPN which allows torrenting, choose great torrent software, and use one of the best websites for torrent file location.

There are two main reasons why people use a VPN:

  1. Privacy
  2. Getting around geo-blocking

The first point is always a concern, the second is usually just a bonus. Hulu has reportedly started blocking VPN services who attempt to gain access to Hulu through known VPN IPs. You will see a screen that looks something like this:

hulu blocking vpns screen message

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protect your online data

Protect Your Online Data With These 5 Easy to Follow Tips

Hackers, corporations, and government agencies have a hundred different ways to steal your online data. Your computer has open doors all over, just begging someone to walk right through it – findings ways to protect your online data is more important than ever.

When it comes to protecting your online data, your job is to go around and close as many of those doors as possible. I was reading a recent article over on which stated that 88 percent of surveyed web users are at least “a little” concerned about the data that they have online. This article will look at helping you get out of that mass of confused people, and get your data secure.

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The Heartbleed Bug and our Top 3 VPNs

The Heartbleed bug absolutely put the internet security world in its ear. To quote internet security expert Bruce Schneier on the Heartbleed bug:

‘Catastrophic’ is the right word. On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11.”

That’s right, the Heartbleed bug went Spinal Tap. Is that too dated a reference?

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online activist

How do Online Activists Benefit From a VPN?

Many people falsely believed that the only threat they face online is a hacker or a computer virus. This turned out to not be the case as governments the world over have been found to be using the Internet to track people’s information and do mass surveillance. You can be sure that they’re following the activity of online activists, especially in more restrictive countries. Do not fool yourself, these restrictive countries can include both the UK and the USA.

Even the most common of online activist activities can be tracked and used against you if you don’t protect yourself. This is where a VPN service comes in handy.
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internet security myths

Internet Security Myths, Misinformation, the NSA and Encryption

Internet security myths have gone through the roof recently. I even recently read an article on another website, that I won’t name because I’d rather not start a flame war, which took these myths and made them ‘facts.’ The most maddening thing was that the article had no back-up proof or references about the claims it made.

I’m going to look at a few points made in this other article as it will address a few common VPN facts, internet security myths and spying myths that are floating around out there.

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