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Pregnant Mother seeks Privacy from Big Data

A big reason why so many people love using a VPN is because it helps them stay anonymous online. This gives them privacy – a fundamental right of everyone on earth. Even the most barbarous of dictators wouldn’t openly admit to wanting to put a camera into the home of all their subjects.

Yet that is exactly what the governments and corporations of the world are doing with your online activities through various acts known collectively as Big Data. They’re tracking your online activities, taking this information from you, and selling it to marketers. Read that again: they’re using you. But a VPN can help you get privacy from Big Data. Continue Reading

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10 Essentials for Mobile Privacy

Your mobile phone is not anywhere near as secure as you think. Making sure it is secure is essential as you keep all kinds of important things on your smartphone, and tablets – not to mention those ‘for your eyes only’ photos!

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google spying

Google Spying: They are Watching You Online, Offline is Next

Google wants to know what you’re doing. All the time. Online, offline, maybe even in the shower…if there’s an ad agency that wants to know, they’ll try and find out. We talk about staying anonymous from the NSA and other spies, but what about those who we allow to spy on us?

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Covert Redirect logo

Covert Redirect: Definitely NOT The New Heartbleed

News organizations reporting on it, a fancy looking website (ok, not as pretty as Heartbleed), a sexy logo, and blog posts a plenty saying that the online sky is falling is having many thinking that the OpenID and OAuth flaws, known as Covert Redirect, are the new HeartBleed.

Where Heartbleed was a genuine security flaw that jeopardized the personal information of approximately everyone who goes online, the Covert Redirect flaw is one that has been known about and dealt with already.

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