Are Online Banking Apps Secure? Think Again…

Hi, my name’s Marcus and I could steal your money. How? Easily: through the online banking app that is on your mobile device. If you’re thinking that I must be a handsome computer hacking genius, deciphering code in an exciting visual way like Hugh Jackman in Swordfish, well…

All you’d be right about is “handsome.” 😉

Hacking the mobile apps of the most well known banks in the world is easy thanks to the fact that:

  1. The average online banking app is not particularly well made from a security perspective.
  2. Many online tutorials exist to direct even the most novice of internet hackers, with free software available.
  3. You think that you’re safe in your online banking app, and act accordingly.

Out of all of these your ignorance is the worst offender, followed by how poorly most of these banking apps are made. Continue Reading

UK Internet Censorship Blocks up to 20% of all Websites

We usually think of places like China, North Korea, and other repressive dictatorships when we think of Internet censorship. UK Internet censorship is, however, reportedly blocking up to 20% off websites online. This information comes courtesy of the Open Rights Group, and it is damning of the UK’s handling of the Internet, and its desire to give its citizens true freedom.
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vpn encryption protocols

Get to Know VPN Encryption Protocols – Pros and Cons

Your VPN uses a certain encryption protocol – or gives you several to select from – to encrypt your data. But what does it all mean, what are they, and what is each one good at? We’ll explore that in this article so that you know more about your VPN client. You can then use the strengths of each of the different VPN encryption protocols to your advantage.

Get to Know VPN Encryption Protocols – Pros and Cons

I’m going to do this in point form bullet notes of pros and cons at first. If you want to learn more, simply scroll down to the conclusion for my summary. Continue Reading

isp slowdown

ISP Slowdown & Blocking: 3 Important Uses of a VPN Service

Your VPN service isn’t all about encryption and hiding your IP address, it is also useful for a number of other important functions that will greatly increase your enjoyment of the internet. You may not be aware of this, but your ISP may be working against the internet that you’re paying them for!

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skype blocked

Is Your Skype Blocked: How it’s Done, and How to Get Past Skype Blocking

There are a number of countries which look to restrict the ability of their citizens to communicate, and censor the Internet. Is Skype blocked in your country? You must live in, or be vacationing in, any one of these countries which have blocked Skype in the past, or who are blocking Skype right now:
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