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Cheaper Online Games: Pros & Cons of Using a VPN

A VPN service provider can provide you with many different benefits. One such thing that it does is break through geo-blocks. A use that avid online gamers have found for a VPN’s ability to get past geo-blocks is getting cheaper prices on the games they play online. Continue Reading

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Online Security for Kids: Having “The Talk” Before Anything Happens

A few short years ago I became an uncle for the first time. This was a pretty big deal as I had, and have, no kids of my own. I’m what they call “an eternal bachelor.” Think Barney Stinson, but with more comic books and nerdy cyber-ness …and slightly fewer ladies.

My brother, the father of said nephew of mine, is a roofer. He understands the architecture of homes perfectly well, but not the Internet. It came down to me to talk with his son when he became old enough recently to use the Internet. That’s what has caused me to write the online security for kids guide below. Continue Reading

The 10 Best/Worst Online Security Myths that STILL Exist

Many people see the Internet as this mysterious place that feeds them information and porn whenever they push the right keys to do that. The basics of how the Internet works, and who has built it, seems to elude most people and this has lead to any number of online security myths being created.

Here are ten of the best/worst online security myths that still exist today. Read it to upgrade your nerd level, and downgrade your ignorance level.
Continue Reading

Conference CyberSecurity: Keyloggers and Man in the Middle Attacks

There are two common security problems at conferences, and in public in general, that you can protect yourself from with some basic security measures. Conference security is becoming increasingly important as more people not only attend these conferences, but also work remotely in general.

I’m going to look at two conference security issues which you may encounter the next time you’re looking to log onto a public wifi that has been provided, or use a public computer room that is set up for your use. Continue Reading