P2P File Sharing Risks: Don’t Go Unprotected!

Safe browsing should be one of the next biggest pushes that people learn about. The digital world is becoming closer ingrained with the real world all the time. P2P file sharing risks are very real, and can result in a number of real world problems if you’re not careful.

In an effort to help people understand online security better, this article is going to look at a number of P2P file sharing risks, and then give you a few tips on how you can get past them and share safely. Continue Reading

Speed up VPN Services

How to Speed up VPN Services with Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is a very popular VPN service provider. Many people ask us how they can speed up VPN services, and HMA gives you great opportunities to do just that with their many advanced features.

You’ll get a great service with them even if you don’t do any of these tips, but to really speed up VPN services with them you’ll have to try out the techniques below! Continue Reading

Five Best iPad Security Apps for Safer Mobile Browsing

“Wait? Isn’t my iPad magically secured by the fact it’s an Apple product, and the ghost of Steve Jobs?” Blind ignorance is the stuff that hacker’s dreams are made of, and this myth plays right into their hands.

While your iPad is a relatively secure device, it is still vulnerable to the same theft, hacking, and cyber crime as anything else that connects to the Internet. You can call me paranoid if you want, maybe I’ve seen too many things during my time as a security analyst, but I can tell you that your iPad can be hacked.

To help fight the hackers, here are 5 iPad security apps that can slow them down to the point that you’re no longer a valued target, or outright stop them in their tracks. Continue Reading

social media security risks

Social Media Security Risks & How to Defend Against Them

Social media security risks are very real. Hardly a week goes by where I don’t see a message from someone stating that their social media account has been hacked. What are these major social media security risks, and how can you defend against them? Read on for my tips and suggestions! Continue Reading