worst data breaches

The Worst Data Breaches of the Past: PWNED Edition

This list of the worst data breaches of 2014 isn’t even going to include the Sony Hack. It was just the sexiest hack of the year, with Hollywood celebrities and world-stage drama. The real worst data breaches of 2014 involved your information, credit card data, and personal details. Read about them below. Continue Reading

internet security and privacy

Making Internet Security and Privacy Part of your Company Culture

Internet security and privacy is a big topic at every company in the world right now. The Sony hack is showing everyone just how deeply vulnerable company’s are. Better Internet security and privacy ideas are being discussed, but how do you make it part of your company culture? I’m going to look at some of the bad habits that companies get in, and offer up solutions to this. Continue Reading

check vpn security

Check VPN Security: IP Address & DNS Leaks

How do you know if your VPN is secure? You can try to take the VPN provider’s word for it, but having a way to check VPN security is better. I’m going to look at a few tests that you can perform on your own to make sure your VPN’s secure, and protecting your properly. Continue Reading

buy online anonymously

Buy Online Anonymously Using Bitcoin

The desire to buy online anonymously is ever increasing as people become more aware of how online companies are tracking their every move. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with illegal activities, it has to do with privacy and not feeling like you’re only useful when advertised to.

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to buy online anonymously. As with all things, you need to follow the right steps to be sure that you reach your end goal of completely anonymous online purchases. Continue Reading