cyber security definitions

Cyber Security Definitions for Common Jargon & Acronyms

It has been brought to my attention that many people are interested in learning more about cyber security, but lack the knowledge of the basic lexicon of the average professional. Read this article to learn some cyber security definitions for common phrases, abbreviations, and acronyms you’ll come across. Continue Reading

social media spying

Social Media Spying: What your Favorite Websites are Tracking

The websites you visit every day, like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, are tracking nearly every move you make online. Social media spying has started to come out in the limelight as more people are becoming curious as to what data they’re taking from you, and how invasive they are.

Having an informed opinion about the social media spying that is going on can help you fight back against them by voicing an informed opinion, and by changing your privacy settings. Read this article to see what the Big Four are up to. Continue Reading

Reasons to Use a VPN

10 Reasons to Use a VPN Service Provider

Too many people seem to think that no one would ever want to steal their data or hack them. If you think you’re nobody and that no one would be interested in you, think about your online banking, your passwords, your online shipping, and the access you have to the iTunes store. Those are all points of attack for a hacker.

All those reasons, and many more, will be explored in this article on 10 reasons to use a VPN service provider. Continue Reading

Mobile Device Risks

BYOD and Mobile Device Risks for your Business

The movement for BYOD, and the flexibility being afforded to workers to use mobile devices of their own choosing, can be freeing for some. For others, such as the cybersecurity conscious, it can be a bit of a nightmare of all new mobile device risks to deal with.

Common precautions that were once on every device in your network may not be taken anymore. Here are a few rules you should institute for BYOD devices so that you can minimise the risks associated with allowing mobile devices into your workflow. Continue Reading