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How Internet Encryption Works – The Basics

Everyone, no matter who they are, needs encryption online. It’s not for ‘the bad guys,’ it’s for the good people who are looking to protect their information and keep it private. This can include your banking details, work information, and your personal email. You have the right to privacy, and encryption is how you get it online.

If you want to learn how Internet encryption works, in the most basic form, read on to see how it started, where it is today, and learn a basic understanding of how it functions today. Continue Reading

Internet Safety

Internet Safety Tips for the Average User

Most people online need Internet safety tips that are easy to understand and follow all the time. This article will look to do that, it can apply to your children just as easily as it does to teens and grown ups. If you’re tired of finding nothing but Internet safety tips for the young ones, here’s one for the rest of us! Continue Reading

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iPad Security: Protect your Mobile Device and Information

Taking care of your iPad means looking into iPad security tools, tactics, and apps. While you may feel that the things on your iPad are worthless, this doesn’t mean that someone won’t still try and hack your iPad.

If you’re hacked this could result in the loss of passwords, banking information, personal data, and your device no longer working. Why risk it when these iPad security tools and tips are so easy to follow? Keep reading and learn how to protect your iPad! Continue Reading

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Overview: New IPVanish MAC OSX App for 10.10+

IPVanish have earned the top spot in our best VPN providers list this year for a reason. There are many great VPN providers out there, but none of them seem to continue working as hard as IPVanish does. Their already easy to use and very well functioning app for OSX earned the top spot on our Best VPN provider list. The new IPVanish MAC OSX app, for Mac users with 10.10. installed, has only bettered their stock.

If this is a hint as to what is to come from IPVanish in the future, with a possible rollout to other Mac OS in the future, we may have to invent a new number to talk about how we feel about IPVanish here at BVP. Continue Reading

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8 iPhone Security Tips for a Safer Mobile Experience

Learning every facet of iPhone security is becoming increasingly important as hackers create new ways to steal your information every day. Fortunately for you, the average iPhone user, there are a number of tools built right into your phone, as well as easy to use apps that you can download, that will keep your iPhone security levels high. Continue Reading