best bittorrent clients

The Best Bittorent Clients for P2P Downloading

Not all BitTorrent applications are equal in the P2P world. As with all things in life, some are stronger than others overall, and some are better suited to your particular needs. The thing that they all have in common is that they can’t hide your activity if you’re doing illegal downloads. If you are, I’d ask that you read our guide to the best VPNs for torrenting first.

Now that you’re protected, let’s look at the best tools for file sharing and P2P downloading. Don’t get the act of using a BitTorrent client confused via brand name association with the program Bittorent, or the very popular Utorrent. There are other options out there!
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internet problems isp

Internet Problems: 4 Ways your ISP Could be Screwing You

Hold on! Wait a second! ISPs never do anything wrong as all Internet problems are caused by gremlins and the ghosts of bad online porn actors. What could your ISP, your very own Internet service provider, be doing to possibly make it so you don’t get the best Internet experience?

Plenty! Many people have Internet problems of some sort because their ISPs know that they can take advantage of a wide portion of the population. This is because most people just want to connect to the Internet and forget about it until they have to pay their bill again. What goes on between you paying your bills is where REAL Internet problems occur. You could be getting cheated out of money and services that you’re paying for right now. Read this article to discover what sort of Internet problems you may have due to your ISP, and how to fix them.
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why is netflix slow

Why is Netflix Slow AGAIN?!? Netflix Slow Lanes Due to ISP Limits

If you’re at home right now wondering why is Netflix slow again, while the rest of your Internet connection are fine, it can be frustrating. What you may not know is that these Netflix slowing issues are commonly caused by your own ISP – the very people you are paying to bring you Netflix in the first place!

Netflix have been having a trying time with a number of ISPs as these ISPs are also commonly cable TV providers. They are seeing Netflix as competition and giving their traffic less priority and putting it in slow lanes. Comcast being the worst of the group. Now you, the consumer, are stuck in the middle of these paying both of these companies money but you still can’t watch the totally awesome Daredevil without buffering issues! What can you do? Read on for some ideas!
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