protect your social media account

Protect your Social Media Account from Hackers and Scams

Over the last ten years, social media has become a huge part of every brand’s marketing presence. Not only are brands using social media to market to consumers, but they’re also using it to make personal connections that can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, these same social media accounts can be hacked. This can ruin a once perfect social presence, results in confidential information theft, and even be done just for the LOLz. A bad hack could impact your business for years to come, and it can all start from:

  • A phishing scam
  • Old apps
  • Sharing information you shouldn’t
  • Poor public WiFi choices
  • Not using modern sign in tools
  • Neglecting your security software

And the list can go on. Fortunately for you, there are ways to protect your branded social media account from hacking. Read this guide for the most common ways to protect your company, and your customers!
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what is cyberbullying how to stop

What is Cyberbullying? How Can We Protect Our Kids from Cyberbullying?

Parents everywhere are all asking the same questions: What is cyberbullying? What can we do to protect our kids from this? While you may never be able to stop your children from being cyberbullied completely, you can certain do plenty to better protect them, and better educate them.

This will all tie in together with your overall cybersecurity plan, and how you will stay safe online in general. If you’re over the age of 18 the typical term used here is “cyberstalking,” and the advice in this article can apply to you just as readily as it will to someone under the age of 18.
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what is a vpn feature

What is a VPN? And Other VPN FAQs

With many Internet users coming to realize that they need to take their online security seriously, the question “What is a VPN” is one question we hear often around here. Not only are people asking what a VPN is, but they’re also asking many other questions about VPNs.

Here at BVP we’re doing everything we can to help people understand what VPNs are for, and their many uses. I’m going to try to answer a whole bunch of common question, most are more complex than “what is a VPN,” so that you know why you need one. Let’s start answering some common questions!
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facebook privacy settings feature

Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings, and Stopping Ad Tracking

You’ve heard it before, but on Facebook YOU are the product being sold. This comes in the form of data tracking to serve you better advertisements. You give Facebook stacks and stacks of information every day, and all you get in exchange is use of their service. And ads. You get plenty of ads.

What many people don’t realise is that every time they sign into an app using their Facebook account, those companies are getting access to your account data. Now they won’t get your name and phone number, but they will learn about you and take your information to target you with advertising.

This article will help you gain some of your privacy back from these companies, and show you how to have greater privacy online overall.
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More VPN Censorship in China: Astrill Users Suffer

China’s censorship of the Internet continues on seemingly unabated. While many websites will forever be blocked in the dictatorship, some residents and visitors to China use VPNs to get around the blocks.

Unfortunately, a popular VPN in China has been experiencing problems. This would be Astrill VPN, one which we don’t include in our top 5 China VPNs.
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10 best torrent websites download movies p2p

The 10 Best Torrent Sites for Downloading and P2P

With the epic downfall of The Pirate Bay, many users have been scrambling for a long time to find the best torrent sites to download from. Finding the best torrent site can help you locate, download, and safely enjoy all of the online content you want to watch or listen to.

The big thing to remember before we get too far into this is that despite how great these torrent sites are, none of them can protect you against DMCA notices and being found out as an illegal downloader. For that, you’re going to need to use one of these VPNs for torrenting which we’ve reviewed for you.

Once you’re protected, let’s get to using the best torrenting sites online today!
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