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Learning About Proper WiFi Security Techniques Easily

There are two basic types of WiFi security that you need to learn about. This article will look at them simply so that you can easily implement them on your own WiFi network, or when using others. You won’t need to be a tech guy to understand this, so let’s start better securing your WiFi right now!
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browse anonymously

How to Browse Anonymously Online

Online tracking is so prevalent nowadays that your every move is being tracked. How do you browse anonymously and start to feel like you don’t have eyes looking over your shoulder right at your screen all day and night?

First, there are two types of tracking that take place: local and remote. Local tracking is your search history stored in your browser, and cookies on your computer. Remote includes all of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of companies which track web activity. Not to mention every website on earth has some sort of tracking as well.
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data retention australia

Data Retention: Australia’s New Laws Come into Effect

As of October 13, 2015, Australia has passed into law some of the most restrictive data retention laws in the Western world. If you look at them, and understand what they mean, you’ll wonder if this is the type of law coming out of repressive regimes like China, or Syria.

The cost to ISPs could be quite high, causing them to have to raise their prices. The cost to consumers could also be high as any time a large amount of data is stored needlessly, someone comes along and hacks it. Despite the high costs, the retention laws can be easily and cheaply circumvented. We’ll look at all of this now.
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What is Spam? How Can I Protect Myself Against It?

When you first start using the Internet, you’ll start to notice that you may be getting a lot of messages from people and businesses you don’t know. If you’re wondering what is spam in an online context, that’s a start.

Spam can take many forms online,, and be intended for a number of malicious things. This article is going to look at the most common forms of spam, where it comes from, and offer ways for you to avoid it so you don’t get spammed yourself!
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