what is privacy

What is Privacy? How Does Online Privacy Work?

When I first started using the Internet back in late 1994, I thought that everything I did was invisible unless I signed my name to it. As my understanding grew, this quickly became a shattered illusion for me. What is privacy online now? It’s a complicated series of interlocking services, passwords, and networks that can make or break your personal privacy.

I’m going to look at what privacy is today, how you can gain more privacy, and show you some tools that will help.
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public wifi security airport

Public WiFi Security in Airports and on Airplanes: A Traveller’s Guide

The safety record of airplanes in modern travel is very high. Accidents are lower than ever. With safety such a top priority you’d think that this extends to all areas of airline services, but it doesn’t. WiFi security, one of the newest, and most lauded, of services for busy travellers, is not anywhere near as safe as it should be.

With news of airplane’s themselves being hacked in flight, where does this leave the security of the free WiFi which they provide you? If your guess is anything but ‘probably a lower standard,’ I have some prime swamp front real estate to sell you in Florida.
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