10 most downloaded movies feb 26 2016

The 10 Most Downloaded Movies of February 26 2016

Hello, and welcome to the very first in our weekly series of articles about the most downloaded movies of the week! Every week I’m going to go through the aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines to figure out what everyone out there is downloading the most.

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Two New IPVanish App Updates Reviewed

I don’t know what it is that drives them, but despite already being the top ranked VPN in our review the team at IPVanish continue to grow and innovate. The desktop VPN client was already something we spoke of highly in their review, and their Android app was no slouch either. Both have received an update worth talking about.
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better online security choices

Which has Better Online Security: VPN or Proxy Server?

Many people travelling abroad, or living outside the USA, have found themselves getting blocked due to geo-restrictions on content. Some countries even restrict you from accessing basis online services like Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This leads people to attempting to find ways to get around them and they always come to one of two choices: VPNs or proxy servers.

While these two online tools for getting around geo-based restrictions are similar, they do differ. Knowing which one is best for your needs can help you make informed decision, take back your privacy, and give you the free and open Internet which you deserve.
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best vpn client

Find the Best VPN Client to Download and Use!

Choosing a good VPN can come largely down to choosing a good VPN client. That’s because the VPN client is going to do a lot of the work in controlling your VPN experience. The features that it has built into it, and the way that they are laid out, will directly impact how you use your VPN.

What makes for a good VPN client will vary from person to person. Below you will find the 5 best we’ve used. Pay attention to each one so that you can find the exact client for your needs, and get the experience that will work for you.
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