save net neutrality eu

Save Net Neutrality in the EU: July 18, 2016 DEADLINE

The battle to save Net Neutrality seems to be a never-ending one. Just yesterday, June 28, 2016, over 7,000 sites have added a protest banner which pushes people to send their comments on net neutrality to the BEREC, the EU’s regulator.
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most downloaded movies june 24 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies June 24 2016

I did not see this week’s top movie coming at all! It shows what happens when a 720p copy breaks during a slow week in movies, that’s for sure! A few other new movies show up too, read the most downloaded movies of June 24, 2016 to see what they are!
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free online security tools

The Best Free Online Security Tools to use with a VPN

If I’ve learned anything in my years of online security writing and research, it’s that if you want something good you have to pay for it. This is particularly true for VPNs and virus protection. Yes, I have written a review of the best free VPNs, but those are not ideal in comparison to the ten best paid options.

There are some instances, however, when not for profit companies, or companies which are for profit but looking to attract new clients with free software, do create free online security tools that are good. Let’s look at them now, and let’s protect you better online after you’ve chosen a VPN to handle your encryption.
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most downloaded movies june 17 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies June 17 2016

Ok, let’s be honest here, it was not a good week for movies. Fortunately for you I have a few good suggestions here as the Most Downloaded Movies list of June 17, 2016 found at least one hidden gem!
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privacy on the internet

Privacy on the Internet: Beginner’s Guide

To put it basically, a VPN can help your privacy on the Internet by:

  • Hide your ‘online fingerprint’ from corporations, hackers, and the government.
  • Encrypt your most important data at its most vulnerable time.
  • Protect all of your online passwords.
  • Make your personal data impossible to steal via typical hacking methods.

And those are just the privacy features of a VPN, not to mention the other things it can do for you! This article is going to be a basic guide to starting to use a VPN, looking at how they were first developed, what they do, and why you’ll want to use one.
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most downloaded movies june 10 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies June 10 2016

Only two movies from last week’s list managed to make it to this week. Get ready for a completely overhauled most downloaded movies list for June 10, 2016! A few movies from previous weeks do return, but with new versions in 1080p.
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online security & privacy

Advanced Online Security & Privacy with VPNs that ANYONE Can Use!

VPNs were once a tool only used by very few people. This was back when everyone just assumed that your online security would be taken care of for you. With all of the hacks going on lately, against even the once thought of most secure online companies, we know that this is not the case.

This has lead to many people starting to use VPN services, but are they using them to their fullest potential? The case is often a big ‘NO’ as new users are simply downloading their VPN client and connecting. They’re not doing everything they can to make their experience more anonymous, and as secure as possible.
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most downloaded movies june 3 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies June 3 2016

The dirty muties rule the most downloaded movies list again this week, June 3, 2016, the same way they rule the North American box office! A new comedy, an unreleased film, and others round at a list which looks different than last week from number 2 on down.
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