How to Find Pirated Movies Online: Use Squawkr for Automatic Updates!

There is a new tool out that will make it as easy as possible to find pirated movies online. This new tool squawk or, will help you track and get notified when movies you want to download are released. You will no longer have to worry about checking your favorite movie sites for P2P. You’ll get notifications right in your email, making things easier for you. Let’s look at using this tool a little bit more in depth, and find pirated movies easier.
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UK Piracy Blocklist Expands: What Can you Do?

The UK as proven, once again, that they are not that bright when it comes to the Internet. Not only do they indulge in some of the most ridiculous online censorship going on right now, but they’re now going even deeper into creating piracy blocklists. With the latest additions to the UK piracy blocklist, it’s like they’re trying to Brexit themselves from the Internet. As is the case with that disastrous pending policy with the EU, this too will prove to be quite unsuccessful and contrary to their goals.
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Online Security Expert Interview Series with Tripwire’s David Bisson

Hello, and welcome to the first of our series of interviews with online security experts. We are starting out with an interview with Tripwire’s David Bisson, where he is the associate editor for The State of Security series.

David has been writing about online security and privacy issues for many years now. First starting way back when he wrote his senior thesis on the militaries digital weaponry. With a sigh on continuing his career in info sec journalism, his valuable insights below will be sure to help anyone looking to increase their online security.
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How to Defeat SoundCloud’s New Geoblocking Feature

The war on the free distribution of information, and entertainment, continues as SoundCloud’s new blocking features continue to frustrate music fans. Not only is the free music platform no longer is so free, but it is now locking out free music to people from outside of the United States.

Getting around to SoundCloud’s new Geo blocking feature can unlock tracks which are in preview, or out right blocked entirely. Let’s learn about them now.
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