Worst Apps for Online Privacy

The 6 Worst Apps for Online Privacy: Your Data is at Risk

Almost everyone understands that social networking apps track your location. Many see this trade-off as worthwhile, and think little else about how dare favorite apps impacted their online privacy.

By now, I hope you have heard the Internet adage that if it’s free, you are the product. Nowhere is this true or than in the world of apps. How much of you is being sold will depend upon the app itself, and you need to pay attention to this. Secondary aspect of all this is messaging apps and their levels of encryption. We will look at that first, and follow-up by working down the 6 worst apps for online privacy.
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Website Security: 9 Easy Ways to Better Secure a WordPress Website

Website security is increasingly being placed in the hands of people who do not necessarily know what they are doing. This is especially true when it comes to WordPress websites as they are so easy to set up. The website security of your WordPress site is, however, incredibly important to consider.
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How to Remove Information from Google & Other Online Sources

Have you finally woken up to the fact that you need more privacy online? If you want to learn how to remove information from Google you have probably realized just how much data is being collected about you. This data includes your web search history, voice search history, what websites you visited, and what advertisements you’ve clicked on. In short, Google has collected …everything about you online, and offline is their next target.
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How to Stream NFL Playoffs Online: They Start January 7, 2017!

Another exciting NFL season ended on January , and now we have the NFL playoffs to look forward to Starting on January 7 when the Oakland raiders take on the Houston Texans. If you want to find out how to stream this NFL playoff game, or any other game, keep reading and I will show you how.
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5 Best Android Virus Protection Apps for 2017

One of the major problems with smartphones is the people continue to think of them as phones, and forget about what makes them smart. What makes them smart, of course, is a computer CPU inside of it. This computer, like all others, is vulnerable to viruses. You know that it’s important to have virus protection on your computer, and it is therefore important to choose one of the Android virus protection apps.
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