Get the Pirate Bay Unblocked: Do this if the Pirating Site’s Blocked

Do you need to get the Pirate Bay unblocked to download some of the latest movies? That is something that more and more people are finding themselves needing to do. People seem to need to get the Pirate Bay unblocked at home, at the ISP level, at their school, or even due to a countrywide block.
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Be Anonymous Online: 12 Tools & Techniques Anyone can Use

If you want to be anonymous online, and protect yourself, there are easy to use tools which are freely available to anyone who wants to learn how to use them. As online privacy becomes a commodity, many vendors are making things available for people to use for free, as well as at a premium price. You can use a variety of them to be anonymous online, with little effort on your part.
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Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Policies on Online Privacy

This is not the blathering of some crazed ‘libtard.’ Donald Trump’s policies for online security have been clearly outlined by his opposition to Apple’s use of encryption. He even called for a boycott of them for this. His upcoming policy changes on net neutrality should surprised no one as he has appointed an opponent of net neutrality to head the FCC.

If you are someone who wants to get anywhere near protesting Donald Trump, especially if you live right in the United States with the NSA, you are going to want to protect yourself against Donald Trump’s policies of decreased online privacy and security. If you do not agree with Donald Trump, you are an enemy of Donald Trump that he could target. It is now time for you to take this seriously.
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