best torrent software

Best Torrent Software: 5 Tools to Download Any Torrent 2017

what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

What is Bitcoin? To cut right to it Bitcoin is a digital currency. Bitcoin are not printed like dollars or euros. It is both created and held electronically, and is controlled by no government. It is quite different from the standard currency used today.
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anonymous web surfing

Easy to use Anonymous Web Surfing Tools and Tactics

100% and complete anonymous web surfing is not possible. Not even the most elite hacker in the world can escape being caught, but there is plenty that you can do to have more anonymous surfing online.
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net neutrality john oliver

John Oliver Stands for Net Neutrality Again; Breaks FCC Website …Again

John Oliver continues to be one of the biggest voices for net neutrality. Given the fact that he is a comedian, rather than a politician, this is slightly less than a… funny fact. John’s latest episode of Last Week Tonight urged viewers to go to the FCC’s website to make comments regarding their proposal to have the Internet no longer classified as a public utility. Read on to discover why net neutrality is important.
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