what is https

What is HTTPS, and How Does it Protect You? How Does it Not?

We love encryption here at Best VPN Provider. But what is HTTPS all about, and how does it connect to encryption? What does that little lock in the address bar actually do? You know that the ‘S’ has something to do with encryption, but understanding what it does, and does not do, can really protect you online.
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social media scams

8 Social Media Scams That Can Ruin Your Rep

Social media is one of the biggest gathering sites online of our times. Do you know what hackers love more than black hoodies? A big audience to exploit. This has led to many common social media threats that can ruin your reputation online, steal your information, and generally ruin your life. Let’s learn about them now so that you don’t lose face on Facebook…
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online data privacy

What is Data Privacy Online, and Why is it Important? I Have Nothing to Hide, Right?

Are you one of those people that thinks you have nothing to hide online? You are wrong. Data privacy online is one of the most pressing concerns of the 21st-century. More and more of your life is ending up online, some of it is fine for other people to see, and other parts are definitely not.
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safe torrent downloads

How to Find a Safe Torrent: Don’t Get Malware… Get Entertained!

Experienced torrent users are always baffled by how often new or novice torrenters download unsafe torrents. These files can include malware, could never finish, and it can also include video files which will not play. How do you experienced torrent users find safe torrent files?
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