facebook security issues

Facebook Security Issues Your Business Must Deal With

There are over 1 billion users on Facebook. The chances are very, very good that your employees are amongst those 1 billion. This puts you, and your IT team, in a dilemma; do you allow employees to access Facebook during work hours? We know the benefit of using employees as brand advocates, but how can you minimize the Facebook security risks?
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british mps bad cybersecurity

British MPs are Funnier Than Monty Python if Bad Cybersecurity is a Joke

British MPs have shown that they are so bad at basic cybersecurity, and password security, that it is hilarious. A number of them have been sharing their password and cybersecurity practices on Twitter, and I’m still giggling. Keep reading and have a laugh.
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android security issues

Android Security Issues: Pattern Locks Not as Secure as Possible

Having proper Android security should always be a goal as protecting the important information on your phone must be a priority. Research has shown that nearly 40% of Android users have pattern locks on their phone, and further research is showing that they are not as secure as you hoped them to be.
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