Gain access to Netflix from anywhere and on any ISP. Whether you’re traveling or living aboard, or have an ISP that’s throttling Netflix to unwatchable levels (shame!) – encrypting your internet with a VPN is the solution!
We’ve reviewed over 30 VPN services within the US and abroad, and here are our top 5 Netflix VPN picks and why.


IP Vanish
Best Netflix VPN. Ultra Fast & Reliable.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
✔ 40+ Servers in USA / Canada
✔ Supports All Major Devices + Routers
✔ Fast, Easy and Automated.
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Excellent Customer Support
From $4.87 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, WorldPay & Bitcoin
Largest VPN, with Advance VPN App.
  ✔ Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
  ✔ 53+ Servers in USA / Canada
✔ Supports All Major Devices + Routers
  ✔ Industry's Most Advance VPN App
  ✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $4.99 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, Wire Transfer
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Most Reliable VPN. Extremely Easy to Use
  ✔ Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
  ✔ 100+ Servers in USA / Canada
  ✔ Supports All Major Devices + Routers
  ✔ Extremely Easy-to-use for Netflix
  ✔ 3 Day Free Trial (Cancel Anytime)
  ✔ Completely Custom VPN Software
From $6.67 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card & PayPal
CyberGhost VPN
Fast and reliable Netflix VPN.
  ✔ Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed.
  ✔ 25+ Servers in USA / Canada
  ✔ Supports Most Major Devices
  ✔ Easy-to-use VPN app
  ✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $5.84 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, PayNearMe, Wire Transfer, Money Order
Private Internet Access
Best Budget Netflix VPN Provider.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Speed
✔ 50+ Servers in USA / Canada
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ Good Customer Support
✖ Lacks Ability to Select Servers
✖ No Money-Back Guarantee
From $3.33 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon, BitCoin, Ripple, CashU, and OKPay


1. IPVanishThe #1 Best Netflix VPN. The fastest & most reliable.

Positives: IPVanish has what may be the fastest servers in the USA, making streaming video on Netflix a breeze. With support for PC and Mac, you can watch Netflix on either OS. Their support of most mobile devices gives you a Netflix on the go experience. With their exceptional customer service, you’ll always receive prompt responses should your connection to Netflix ever drop – an issue we have yet to experience.

Negatives: There is the potential for slight lagging with their low servers numbers. With no phone support, you can’t get customer service right the second that you want it.

Conclusion: IPVanish is ranked as our best overall VPN provider because they excel at everything. Their ability to get you on Netflix, regardless of where you are in the world, is certainly a strong aspect of how well they serve the online community. Their incredible customer support team will be sure to help you with any connection issues you may have, and you can try them risk free using their 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. Pricing starts at just $7.50 monthly, and goes as low as $4.87 per month when you purchase a $58.49 yearly plan.

2. Hide My Ass!Great Netflix VPN. Tons of fast USA Servers

Positives: HideMyAss’ impressive VPN network includes a large number of US servers that are always growing. Their VPN software allows you to set up a list of just US servers for speed tests, getting you the fastest connection possible for your Netflix viewing. With support for all major devices, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you’ll be sure to get a great connection to Netflix from anywhere and be satisfied with their service.

Negatives: Feedback from users includes complaints about their customer support being slow. The money-back guarantee also has some strings attached.

Conclusion: HMA’s impressive US server numbers, fast speeds, and software that makes it easy to locate a fast server, makes them one of the best VPN services for Netflix. You will be able to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world. Their European based servers that have a virtual USA connection also offer users speeds that make you think you’re in America!

3. VyprVPNMost Reliable VPN for Netflix & Extremely Easy to use

Positives: VyprVPN is an elite level VPN provider for Netflix thanks to their dedication to handling every aspect of their service in house, with no 3rd party intervention. Their software was written by their parent company, The Golden Frog Network, and they designed it to be easy for you to find the fastest connection. You’ll be streaming the movies and TV shows you want, without interruption by the dreaded word “buffering.”

Negatives: IP address changing for older Macs takes an extra step. They will log some of your data, but not which sites you visit.

Conclusion: VyprVPN is supported by one of the best parent companies in the VPN industry – Golden Frog Network. Their business has been around since 1994. They truly understand how to not only be a great VPN provider for watching Netflix from anywhere in the world, but also what it means to be a complete online service provider. Choosing them for Netflix will bring you many bonuses, such as their complimentary online data storage service.

4. CyberghostVPN

Positives: CyberGhostVPN has been rapidly increasing their server numbers in the USA, ensuring that you always have a fast connection ready for your Netflix enjoyment. They have put together a software package that the average user who just wants to watch some videos will be able to use. For those who are so inclined, their advanced features are also quite useful.

Negatives: They have a much higher number of servers in European countries as they are a Euro-centric VPN provider based in Romania.

Conclusion: The average internet will enjoy the simple to use software that finds them the best connection to watch Netflix on. Their advanced features will give users who want a little bit more customization the tools to do so. If, however, all you want is to watch Netflix without any problems, CyberGhost can fit that need easily.

5. Private Internet Access

Positives: Private Internet Access is often the first VPN provider that people think of when they want a truly anonymous connection as they have a famous no-logging policy. Thanks to all 1330+ servers in their network, they are also an exceptional VPN provider for those who want a fast connection for Netflix watching. These servers are not spread out a few in each country across the globe. They are concentrated in 10 key countries, with the USA being one of them.

Negatives: They do not allow you to select a specific server. Errors have very little feedback given.

Conclusion: Private Internet Access excels at anonymity, their ability to also get you on Netflix will feel like a bonus as you enjoy their service. With one of the best prices in the business, and a high number of servers in the USA making sure that you’re always going to have a fast connection to Netflix, PIA earn their ranking as one of the best VPN providers available. You’ll enjoy being able to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world, but you may just love them for everything else that they offer.

Our ratings for “Best Netflix VPN” are based on our professional experience and extensive tests with VPN providers between April 2014 – July 2014, taking into account user feedback and reviews we receive. As a friendly disclosure, some VPN providers do compensate us for customers we refer them, but this in no way effects their ranking on our website, nor our reviews.