How to Defeat SoundCloud’s New Geoblocking Feature

The war on the free distribution of information, and entertainment, continues as SoundCloud’s new blocking features continue to frustrate music fans. Not only is the free music platform no longer is so free, but it is now locking out free music to people from outside of the United States.

Getting around to SoundCloud’s new Geo blocking feature can unlock tracks which are in preview, or out right blocked entirely. Let’s learn about them now.
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How to Avoid Browser Fingerprinting, Get More Online Privacy

Most of the time, hackers aren’t hacking just for the LOLz. Only sometimes. The rest of the time they are hacking into computers and servers for specific information which they can take. This information can be used for a number of things, one of the biggest being a profile that the data in your browser tells about you: This is browser fingerprinting.

Why is this ‘profile’, or online fingerprint, important? Let’s find out before hackers do, and let’s look at protecting this fingerprint as well so that you can be safer.
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10 Most Downloaded Movies October 14 2016

Folks, see it for yourself: This may just be the most consistent Most Downloaded Movies list we’ve ever had. Apparently you all know what you like to download and watch out there, and you’ve been at getting those movies for the last 2 weeks! There’s one little surprise at the end we’ll look at too.
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The Best App Lock Tools for Android: 7 Reviewed and Rated

Let’s face it: Your whole life is on your smartphone, isn’t it? With more of us putting more and more of ourselves in apps, it’s well past time we all started looking at using encryption to our advantage. One way you can do this is using a VPN like IPVanish, which has a great app for Android, whenever you connect to public WiFi with your smartphone.

Another useful form of encryption comes from app lock tools like the 10 we’ll look at in this article. They can protect you, with encryption, if someone does manage to get into your smartphone via digital or physical means.
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10 Most Downloaded Movies October 7 2016

We’ve seen some consistency from last week to this week’s 10 most downloaded movies list. The new additions are noteworthy, and it’s worth looking at the well-respected #1 movie!
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How to Set Up an Anonymous Email Account: Enjoy Private Communication Again

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone assumed their emails were always private. The government wasn’t allowed to snoop on our phone calls whenever they felt like it. And they couldn’t open our mail without a very good reason and a search warrant. The notion the our email was private died very quickly after Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA. And as more was uncovered about Google’s practices there was a flood of people who started to setup an anonymous email account.

While 100% anonymity is nearly impossible to obtain, you can get so close that it will require a whole lot of work on anyone’s behalf to discover a proper anonymous emails account. Let’s start putting in the work to set up your anonymous email account, and protect your privacy once more.
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Most Downloaded Movies September 30 2016

Hello, movie fans. This week’s list of the most downloaded movies for September 30, 2016 features three brand new, and exciting movies, right at the top! Keep reading to see what they are.
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BitTorrent Client: New Features Reviewed

BitTorrent announced yesterday on their blog that they’re doing a new update to their client, both the BitTorrent client and their uTorrent client, which aims to get people to share more …when they file share. Did anyone else just hear Xzibit say something like “Yo dawg, I heard you like file sharing, so we…”

The feature is interesting, so let’s look at it a bit deeper to see what it all means.
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Most Downloaded Movies September 23 2016

Movie lovers! What’s good with you? This week’s most downloaded movies were diverse, and highly entertaining. There are some great movies out there that are definitely worth your time, take a read of what’s popular!
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New IPVanish Client Review: More Features, Sleek Design

IPVanish, our number one ranked VPN, just released a new version of their client (V3) for all platforms. I have been in contact with the team over the last few weeks, playing around with their new toy, and will be giving you my assessment of it during its beta-testing, as well as the final version.
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