torrentz shut down torrenting site shut down

Bad Month in Torrenting: Torrentz is Gone, ExtraTorrent Deleted from Facebook

Wow, what a month this has been in the world of torrenting. First, KickAss Torrent was shut down by the FBI. That was a huge blow as the site had taken over from The Pirate Bay as the largest torrent hosting site in the world. That wasn’t all that has happened this month, it got worse!
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Internet Security Breach

The Worst Internet Security Breach Incidents of the Past

With the recent LinkedIn hack causing worry all over the world as potentially 117 million accounts being exposed, interest in online security is once again on people’s minds. Why it ever left is an even bigger question, especially after you read through these 10 online security #fails which have been happening since the ‘online’ world started!
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most downloaded movies july 29 2016

Most Downloaded Movies July 29 2016

The week of July 29, 2016 was an unusual one as there wasn’t much new in the way of blockbusters. This has allowed 2 lesser-know movies to get on the list, and to get some views from fans. Let’s find out what they are!
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ipvanish servers

Server Activity at IPVanish: Leave Russia, Add in UK, Australia

After the recent news out of Russia in regards to their ‘anti-terror’, or pro-spying and surveillance, legislation, first it was Private Internet Access having their servers seized leading to them leaving their Russian presence.

On July 12, IPVanish stopped offering servers in Russia as well. Never content with giving their customers less, they have since added new servers. Let’s look at what’s happening.
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most downloaded movies july 22 2016

Most Downloaded Movies July 22 2016

Wow, what a week in downloaded movies July 22, 2016 has been! Kick Ass Torrents was shut down, the owner arrested, #drama. But the world of downloaded movies kept on rolling as many new films showed up on the list this week.
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types of vpn networks

The 2 Types of VPN Networks, How They Work, and Tunnelling

There are many different things which you can learn about VPNs. There’s our post on the different types of encryption, for example. But another nitty-gritty detail is what types of VPN networks there are out there, and how they work.

Get ready to learn about:

  • The concept of tunneling encrypted data
  • Client VPNs
  • Network VPNs

The more you know about VPNs, the better you’ll feel about how they protect your privacy, data, and give you the security you deserve.
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most downloaded movies july 15 2016

Most Downloaded Movies July 15 2016

Hello, movie lovers and people looking for something, anything, to entertain them for a couple hours! This week’s most downloaded movie list, for July 15 2016, is brought to you by …last week, because many movies flipped their position. There is one new entry that’s interesting though.
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private internet access servers seized russia

NEWS: PIA Servers Possibly Seized in Russia, Taking Precautions

Private Internet Access is a very well reviewed and respected VPN provider which prides itself on three things:

  1. Having the most servers out of any VPN we know of (3200+ right now).
  2. They’re no hidden tricks no-logging policy.
  3. Being in an a growing number of countries.

It appears as if number 2 and number 3 have finally come in conflict with one another as it is rumoured that Russian authorities have seized some of their servers in Russia as part of a crackdown on encryption, and severe surveillance laws.
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most downloaded movies july 8 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies July 8, 2016

Welcome one and all to an exciting edition of the most downloaded movies for July 8, 2105 list. …I could have written that better, but we’re not here for prose! We’re here for movies! Let’s see what going on in the world of p2p.
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privacy and security on the internet

Privacy and Security on the Internet: Advanced Tools Anyone Can Use

Privacy and security on the Internet is becoming a bigger and bigger issue all the time. Unfortunately, people are trying to take back their privacy and security online …and have no idea what they’re doing. This leads to confusion, vulnerabilities, hacking, and things like the new Opera VPN (which isn’t as advertised).

Let’s take a moment to really look at privacy and security tools that you can use on your computer that will actually help you. Some of them are a bit advanced, but you can learn how to do them with a bit of reading.
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