most downloaded movies may 27 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies May 27 2016

Sorry I missed you all last week, but I’m back with a brand new most downloaded movies list for May 27, 2016! This list features a big, big movie at the top, and some interesting new additions I can’t wait to see further down.
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online security trust

Online Security Trust is Down: US Government Report

A recent survey by the NTIA, under the US Department of Commerce, clearly shows that people in the US have serious online security trust issues. The report was compiled to see how people felt about online security, and it isn’t anywhere near as good as it should.

Looking at the data, I can’t help but wonder how many people are aware of the fact that they can personally improve their online security by using some encryption from a VPN. Regardless, confidence in online security is falling, and this is a major issue.
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most downloaded movies may 12 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies May 13 2016

You knew it was coming, I knew it as coming, and sure enough the most downloaded movie of the week is exactly what we all expect. It’s a Civil War at the top of the list, let’s see what else was downloaded often this week!
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reasons to use a VPN

6 Reasons to Use a VPN: Privacy & Security for All!

Many people are talking about VPNs, they’re a hot topic at the moment, but has anyone told you all of the reasons to use a VPN? You can experience a number of things which you just can’t get with an ordinary connection to the Internet. Once you have one, after reading the 6 reasons below, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!
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most downloaded movies may 6 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies May 6 2016

Wow, there has been a major shakeup to the most downloaded movies list this week! May 6 saw a number of movies show up out of nowhere to take the top spots, knocking popular movies like Deadpool and Batman v Superman right off the chart! Let’s look at those popular movies now!
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tor vs vpn comparison

Tor vs VPN: Which is Better for Anonymous Browsing?

In a Tor vs VPN comparison, which is actually better for your online privacy, protecting your torrenting/p2p, and general ability to browse anonymously? While both can get the job done in some regards, only one of them can do everything.
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most downloaded movies april 29 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies April 29 2016

This may go down as the most ‘new’ of our most downloaded movies lists! April 29, 2016, sees 5 new movies on the list, giving you many new ideas for what to watch based on what’s popular on torrenting this week!
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opera VPN review

Opera VPN Review: The False VPN

With the recent announcement of a free VPN on their Opera browser, the VPN world has been set alight. This excitement, however, is unwarranted. Sorry, but this Opera VPN review is not going to be a gushing thank you. First and foremost, the Opera VPN is not a VPN…
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most downloaded movies april 22 2016

The Most Downloaded Movies of April 22 2016

The most downloaded movies list for this week, April 22, 2016, has once again blown up with new movies. There are major shakeups as new movies appear, and old movies fall down …except for one movie which seems to be, dare I say, un-killable?
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vpn business use

VPN Business Uses and Benefits You Can’t Ignore

From the very early days of VPN use, it was corporate VPNs which lead the way. As the Internet has blown up, and more amateurs have come into the fold, VPN business use has lowered and businesses have instead entrusted their online privacy to …well, often no one!

Using a VPN, such as any one we review on our top 10 VPNs list, can help protect your business. It can’t 100% replace a skilled IT team, but it can get you much of the way there at a fraction of the cost.
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