Company: CyberGhost (Romania)
Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP
Servers: 687 Servers in 30 Countries
Best Price: $6.99 / Month

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CyberGhost Review in a nutshell


CyberGhost is a VPN Provider unlike all the others, as they do a lot to create a unique experience. Their cutting edge software has a fun interface that illustrates your location, and then animates your new location. It’s fun to watch every time you connect.

CyberGhost’s software isn’t all glitz.
Useful software features include:

  • Private network creation: Used most often by those who want to create a network for their friend’s to play games over.
  • Server preference settings: Allows you to select a default server to connect to, and the settings that you would like to use with that server.
  • Stateful failover: Allows for the connection to continue when one single server fails, ensuring that data remains encrypted and protected.
  • Anti Fingerprinting: This blocks ad networks that try to track your online uses for marketing purposes, available on the Windows version only.
  • VPN Kill Switch: This feature kills your Internet connection when the VPN server suffers a disconnect, protecting your real IP address.
  • Load balancing: Happens by default as users can see how many people are on each server, and then choose the one with the fewest users, or automatically when you choose the “Automatic” connection option.

Their reasonable pricing, excellent customer service, and reliable connections all come together and give Internet users a truly exceptional experience.
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Reliability & Speed Test

Reliability & Speed Test

CyberGhost VPN features excellent speed, surfing the internet feels as quick as without their service. In comparison to other VPN services, it feels roughly the same.

To look at the numbers, here is the speed of the connection used with a 2Mbps cap imposed upon it on the day of testing:

Our Speeds with a 2mbps DL Cap (Without CyberGhost)
Our Speeds Without a VPN

Here is the speed of that same connection on one of CyberGhost’s German servers:

Our Speeds with CyberGhost
Our Speed with Cyber Ghost

This compares well with Private Internet Access, another VPN provider that could get past caps, in terms of surfing speed. When it comes to downloading in a P2P setting, the results are also above average. Downloads happened at about 10-15% higher a rate than without a VPN service.

After days of testing, switching servers, and trying to get the service to fail, one dropped connection occurred. Establishing a reconnection proved difficult, until the switch was made to a different server within the same country. The server was likely too busy for another connection, and no further problems were encountered.

After weeks of testing, the CyberGhost VPN connection will fail around three times a week on average. Their kill switch technology protects you when this happens. All you have to do is connect to a different server. The app itself experienced no crashes or other bugs.

Tip: VPN Speeds and Reliability always vary. For the best results, connect to a server close to you (Ping < 100ms) using OpenVPN (the fastest and most secure protocol). If you have issues with a server, disconnect and try a different one. There are no limits on switches.

Pricing & Discounts

Pricing & Discounts

CyberGhost VPN has three price plans at this time:

Best CyberGhost Price

Free Plan$0.00
*with a very limited server selection and three hour cut-off.
Premium Plans
-2 year prepaid $69.99
-1 year prepaid $39.99
-1 month prepaid $6.99
Premium Plus Plan
-2 year prepaid $109.99
-1 year prepaid $69.99
-1 month prepaid $10.99
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At first glance, this may appear to put them in the pricier realm, but to look at their 2 year plans, there is hardly a better deal. Even a one year plan with Private Internet access will run you around $60 for the year. That $69.99 for a two year Premium plan, with better or comparable features, doesn’t look so expensive now at $35 for a year.

If we had a complaint, it was that their pricing structure was more complex than other VPN providers. With the deal you get once you figure out what suits your budget, it’s not so hard to deal with!

Tip: Try CyberGhost for 1 Month to see if it’s right for you. If you like it, upgrade to a longer term and save! If you find it’s not for you, you’ll usually be covered by their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Servers & Countries

Servers & Countries

CyberGhost has over 687 servers in 30 different countries. As they are based in Romania, a haven for Internet privacy, they have a large number of servers in Romania, as well as the nearby Netherlands, and Germany. This makes connecting to their service exceptionally fast for Europeans, as so many VPN providers focus on the USA.

CyberGhost Servers

Customer Support

Customer Support


Cyberghost’s Customer support comes in three different forms:

Email support: This is the recommended way. Response times are very quick, if you’re in a European time zone you will get better responses than those in North America who may be messaging them at odd hours. Regardless of your location, you will get a thorough and knowledgable response via email.

FAQ/Forum: Both the FAQ and forum are set up to give you answers before you ask them. It’s always a good idea to poke around here before asking as many topics are already covered, offering you faster service.

Live Chat: The CyberGhost live chat support is available during standard business hours for Europe. They support both English and Dutch languages in their support, something no other VPN provider does! You can expect the usual level of support with their live chat – general knowledge, but it’s better to ask via email for complex issues.

Policy Highlights

Policy Highlights


CyberGhost VPN has a no logging policy on all traffic. They keep some data for 24 hours for statistical purposes, but delete it at the end of each day. Requests have been made of them by German officials for their logs and for user activity, but since they kept no logs they could not comply.

From their policy:

“In order to improve the quality of the service, we store data such as the utilization degree of the servers. However, we do not store statistical data, which can be linked to a user account.”

Their Transparency Report also offers further insight into their operation:

“The company has not and could not in any circumstance provide user data to those who request it, because this would be in breach of CyberGhost VPN’s mission to protect its users, and because no user data records exist.”

CyberGhost VPN places absolutely no limits on any type of traffic, with no logs being kept they would be unable to anyway. To comply with laws, P2P file sharing is not allowed on their servers in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong (China). This may sound like a problem, but it isn’t – just switch to a different server country!

There is, of course, the restriction that illegal activities not be carried out. This can include calling for violent acts, offences against sexual self-determination, and computer criminal actions.




CyberGhost VPN is an excellent VPN provider choice. Looking at their policy, and the fact that they allow all P2P traffic, you may rank them as your number one VPN provider if you do a lot of P2P downloading.

Their software has features that put them on par with the top of the line Hide My Ass software, with the addition of a fun animation that makes the experience that much more interesting. The exceptional privacy allowed to them because of their location in Romania also has them as a top tier privacy provider, on par with Private Internet Access.

What’s holding them back from the top spot is their connections do drop slightly more often than IPVanish and Hide My Ass, but their VPN Kill Switch does save you from being exposed. For the price you pay for their service, one of the lowest in the industry, and all the features of their software, you can’t go wrong when you choose to go with CyberGhost VPN.

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