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how to download torrent

How to Download Torrent and P2P Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Programs

If you want to learn how to download torrent and P2P content, and you want to do it anonymously, there are different ways to do it. The important thing here is that when you download torrent and P2P content that you must hide from the possibility of getting a DMCA notice. This can eventually lead to fines, and even jail time for pirating content.

I am going to start with the best way to download a torrent, and work down to less effective ways after that.

How to download torrent and P2P content

What you are trying to do is hide your online identity. Your online identity is established by your unique IP address. Therefore, your goal is to make it so that people cannot find your IP address and see that you are downloading content. You will also want to hide your activity from your ISP provider, and you will do this with encryption.

You’re going to solve both of these problems with the same tool. This tool is known as a VPN:

  • When you connect to a VPN server you take on its IP address and hide your own.
  • Connecting to a VPN server also automatically encrypts your connection, hiding your activity from your ISP and anyone else who was trying to spy on you.

You need to be cautious and be sure that you choose a VPN provider which allows torrents as some do not. Here are my top recommendations:

Your first step is always going to be connecting to the VPN before you do any torrent downloading. This is the most failsafe way to protect yourself when you are downloading, and make sure that you are not caught and sent a DMCA notice.

Using TorrentPrivacy to download torrent and P2P content

This is a proxy service for BitTorrent users. You can think of it as a modified uTorrent client that has settings already preconfigured for downloading torrents and P2P. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows users. It is also only able to encrypt your torrenting activity and not the rest of your online activity, such as when you are visiting a torrent website.

How to download torrent and P2P content with Anomos

This is a free multiplatform BitTorrent tool that hides IP addresses. It has a number of drawbacks:

  • It is much slower than a VPN
  • It is only compatible with its own torrent files
  • You will only be encrypting your torrent, no other activity

It is a popular option, but it is not highly recommended.

How to download torrent and P2P content with SeedBox

SeedBox is torrenting jargon for a high-speed server which is dedicated exclusively to torrenting. The files are transferred to the seedbox, and then you transfer them to your computer. It is, essentially, a remote server that you download content to in order to hide your IP address behind. As you can guess from reading this, it is not easy to download torrent and P2P content using this method, nor convenient.

How to download torrent and P2P content through your VPN

Now that you have your VPN, you are ready to download torrent software that will allow you to download the torrents. This software is what is going to organize the actual downloading of your torrents from swarms. You can read the full article on our recommendations, here are the tools that we recommended quickly:

Once you have this setup you are ready to move onto the next step, which is finding the actual torrents that you want to download and then enjoy.

Downloading your torrents

You’re going to do this through websites. Read our article on the best torrent websites. Here are the steps:

  • Make absolutely certain that you are connected to your VPN.
  • You’re then going to click on the magnet links to begin the download.
  • Your torrent client should give you options on what you will actually download.
  • You do not need to download files that are labeled txt and jpg, they are just text and images.
  • Allow your download to reach 100%.
  • If you’re a kind person, you will allow your content to also upload. P2P stands for your peer-to-peer. That means that it is just average Internet users helping one another.

Follow these steps every single time you want to download torrent and P2P content. Now that you know how to download torrents and P2P content, be sure to help friends by sharing this article. To learn more, read our article on how to find safe torrents.


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