Company: ProXPN (United States)
Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP
Servers: 18 Servers in 13 Countries
Best Price: $6.25 / Month
Special Promo: Nothing on offer

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A small VPN provider showing promise.


Quick Summary

ProXPN Review in a nutshell

ProXPNProXPN offers a good VPN service which include unlimited transfer and VPN encryption using SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. ProXPN keeps limited records of online activity. Unlimited speed is provided without download or usage caps on their Premium servers, and includes switching between VPN severs in their plans. This means that you can switch freely between VPN servers at no additional cost.

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Reliability & Speed Test

ProXPN has average speed compared to other VPN providers we tested. Our normal download speed (without a VPN) is close to or over 11mbsp. Using ProXPN VPN, our average internet speed was between 9 ~ 10 mbps; just an 85% difference which is quite good. Reliability was also great as we only had a few connection issues over weeks of testing.

Speed Test Results

Tip: VPN Speeds and Reliability always vary. For the best results, connect to a server close to you (Ping < 100ms) using OpenVPN (the fastest and most secure protocol). If you have issues with a server, disconnect and try a different one.

Pricing and Discounts
We love how simple ProXPN makes their VPN pricing. There are only two options. Their basic package is FREE. Their premium service is $6.25/month. We’d make up a special table to show you the price comparisons…but free or $6.25/month is pretty easy to follow along with!
You are, of course, severely limited with the free accounts. There are data caps, speed caps, and server use restrictions.


What does it include?
? 18 Servers. 13 Countries.
? Unlimited Bandwidth, Uncapped Speed when on Premium account
? Simple Software
? Compatible with mobile devices like Phones & Tablets
? Free feature lets you try before you buy

Tip: Try ProXPN for 1 Month to see if it’s right for you. If you like it, upgrade to a longer term to save on a per month basis. Giving their free service a go can also help you out before you even pay a dime. If you find it’s not for you, you’re covered by their 7-Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee.

Servers and Countries
ProXPN is not going to win anyone over with huge server numbers. They currently only have 12 servers in 13 countries. The most important countries would be the US, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore.
Customer Support
Customer SupportThe support we received from ProXPN was quick and thorough.

ProXPN currently offers Three Types of Support:

Email Support – Email got us the best results for contacting their technical team for support. Using email keeps the conversation neat and organized, and is easy to refer back to.

Telephone – For those who still use this device, they provide a 1-800 number on their website. It isn’t 24 hours, but if you’re on of those people who likes to talk on the phone rather than online, it’s available.

Twitter – More and more Internet based companies are turning to Twitter to help support their customers. ProXPN has a Twitter account that is used occasionally for this. At best, they’re going to be able to answer very short questions, the rest are referred to email.

Policy Highlights
Money-Back Guarantee – Best in the Industry!
ProXPN offers a 7 Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee on their VPN service. While we didn’t need to request a refund from them, other users who have requested refunds have had no complaints in the past.

Anonymity – Good for Normal Usage. Unclear how much they log
ProXPN keeps you anonymous and secure, but it is not clear exactly how much they log. They say that they do not log what you do online, but users have stated that they have received DMCA notices for downloading. If they weren’t logging, they couldn’t send these. According to ProXPN:

“We do not log or record activity on our network (not that we could as the connection is encrypted).”

The Conclusion
ProXPN is a newer and small VPN provider that we’re going to keep an eye on and see if they do anything worth moving them up. If they cleared up their logging policy we could rank them as high as eighth, or drop them all together depending on which way it goes.

We would Recommend trying ProXPN’s free service to start with. Most users with very small traffic needs will find this a good enough option. More advanced users with higher needs must look higher up this list of the 10 best VPN providers for their choice.

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