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10 best torrent websites download movies p2p

The 10 Best Torrent Sites for Downloading and P2P

With the epic downfall of The Pirate Bay, many users have been scrambling for a long time to find the best torrent sites to download from. Finding the best torrent site can help you locate, download, and safely enjoy all of the online content you want to watch or listen to.

The big thing to remember before we get too far into this is that despite how great these torrent sites are, none of them can protect you against DMCA notices and being found out as an illegal downloader. For that, you’re going to need to use one of these VPNs for torrenting which we’ve reviewed for you.

Once you’re protected, let’s get to using the best torrenting sites online today!

The 10 best torrent sites for downloading movies, TV, and music

UPDATE: This list has been changed to reflect the closing down of Torrentz and Kick Ass Torrents during the months of July and August 2016. They have been removed and two new torrent websites, TorrentHound and TorrentDownloads, have been added to keep you at 10 options!

Latest update: This list has been updated to reflect the closing down of TorrentHound. We are sad to see you go, torrenting puppy…

UPDATE three: Extratorrent, my favorite torrent site, shut down May 17, 2017.

The Torrent Project

This is a brand-new, And still very simple, torrent site which is in beta mode at this time. The site is a search engine, just like Google, except for torrents. It has a few interesting search features. This includes an exact phrase searches (using quotes), safe mode searching, advanced searches, and word exclusion searches (using the -sign). It operates thanks to a variety of open source tools.


This page has been around for a few years, around 6, and are emerging now that the torrenting world is facing harder times. It is a very simple to use index with millions of torrents. The way they group their torrents on the homepage is also handy for those who want to download something, but don’t know what. If you’re in that boat, check out our weekly Most Downloaded Movies list for more ideas.

best torrent website torrentdownloads


My decades long fandom of Snoop Dogg aside, BitSnoop has been in operation since 2009. While the people who built the site aren’t experts at writing in English, read their FAQ page, they’re clearly great at what matters: delivering an easy to follow torrent site.

The best part of BitSnoop is that they help you out with an easy to use Advanced Search feature. You can refine your search for:

  • Exact phrase searches
  • Exclusion searches
  • By size
  • By date added

And a few other metrics which help you weed out all the crap you don’t want.

best torrent sites bitsnoopTorrentz2

For those who want a meta-search engine, to replace the original Torrentz search engine, this is a mirror site that gets the job done. While it is in no way associated with the original, and has the same functionality and searches over 60 different torrent websites. You have a hard time find something on your favorite website, come to this and it will search many sites for you.

torrentz2 torrent search engine



You would likely know this site better as the YIFY group. They are found everywhere on the best torrent sites. They’re so famous, in fact, that the UK has blocked them via ISP. Smart users in the UK known that they can get around this with a great VPN for getting around geo-blocks!

best torrent sites yts


There are few websites out there that hit me right in the nostalgic bone like isoHunt. I first started using it near the beginning of 2004 and used it all the way up until it was shut down in 2013.

This is a new version that isn’t affiliated with the first. It looks the same, feels the same, functions the same, and I swear it smells the same. Ya, I used isoHunt that often!

best torrent sites isohunt


This is one of the best torrent sites around because it was launched as a community driven site with ads not being a high priority. My favorite part of this site is their ‘Top 100’ torrents list on the right hand side of the homepage. It’s a great way to find exciting content to watch!

best torrent sites 1337x


Limetorrents got popular for the exact reason they would not want: they were sued by LionsGate films over a leaked copy of Expendables 3. Have you watched that movie? It wasn’t worth the fight…

LimeTorrents don’t do anything that the above mentioned torrent sites do, but they look great. That counts for something in my books!

best torrent sites limetorrents


While these guys are a newer website, they do have an impressive collection of torrents and fans. I have listed them this far down due purely to how I don’t like the layout of their homepage. Once you get searching you’ll see that they do work quite well.

best torrent sites rarbg

The Pirate Bay

Despite fears of an FBI takeover, and the shutdown in 2014, The Pirate Bay is still around. Why have I listed the once mighty Pirate Bay so low? Because they locked out all of the former employees and mods who made it great. It still works as it should, but I think you should use one of the sites above.

best torrent sites the pirate bay



If you need more help in the downloading world, check out our article on the best torrent clients for P2P downloading. We’ve got you covered from protection to finding torrents, to downloading the best torrents here at BVP!

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