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watch nba games online for free

Watch NBA Games Online for Free, and Unlock Geo-Restricted content!

After one of the craziest offseasons in NBA history, the 2017 – 2018 NBA season promises to be one of the most memorable of all time. If you live outside of the USA, or are a cord-cutter with no cable package, you are going to want to watch NBA games online.

There are ways that you can watch NBA games online for free with no risk. There are also ways that you can watch NBA games online for a fee, but have content blocked behind regional blackouts. Ball is life…

Watch NBA games online for free

Okay, you want to watch NBA games online for free. If you are going to do so, you had better be prepared to break a law. For this, you are going to need one of the top VPN providers for streaming. I recommend IPVanish VPN, it has speeds that will allow for live streaming.

The easiest way to watch NBA game online for free is to use the Reddit thread dedicated to it:

watch nba games online free

Here is how the group works:

  1. It is heavily moderated. They do this to make sure that only the best streams wind up on this Reddit.
  2. Connect to the VPN provider which you choose. Make sure that you are connected before you start streaming to avoid issues with your ISP and copyright claim notices.
  3. Streams go live about an hour before tipoff, and they are then deleted half an hour after the end of the game.
  4. All of the streams on here are well spoken of. This community takes care of itself, it will eliminate junk streams.

I would like to say it again that you will need to be connected to a VPN provider in order to protect yourself against DMCA notices. Follow these steps and you will be able to watch NBA games online for free from anywhere in the world.

Watch all NBA games online using NBA League Pass

nba league passNBA League Pass is, without a doubt, the best way to watch NBA games online. There is indeed a fee, which can be a whole season, monthly, or per game. You can also watch NBA games online using a variety of devices:

  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Chromecast
  • Roku

The biggest drawback with watching NBA games online using League Pass, besides the fee, is that they have blackout restrictions. These restrictions can stop you from watching your home team! Can you imagine that?

The solution is to use a VPN provider which is good at allowing for international connections. Most people in the USA will connect to a server in Canada. Most people in Canada, who want to watch the Raptors, will connect to a server in the USA. IPVanish VPN is, again, the best option for this. I have personally watched NBA games online through League Pass using this service.

You can still use this to watch NBA games online for free, that is if you know someone who already has an account and will give you their password. Good luck.

Watch NBA games online using Sling TV

Sling TV is an online service from dish network that is made specifically for people who are cord-cutters. It has a $20 per month subscription fee, but to get NBA games you have to get an additional sports package.

watch sports online

You can pay all of this money and still not have access to NBA games if you are ever outside of the USA. Wouldn’t that be a bummer during your winter vacation, when all you want to do is relax somewhere by the warm beach and watch the NBA? You’ll need a VPN to cut through that geo-restriction and watch all of the games by connecting to a VPN server in the USA. Vypr VPN can handle that load.

Watch NBA games online using local TV

One of the best things about using a VPN is that it allows you to be ‘local’ anywhere in the world. Are you in Australia but want to watch the BBC? No problem. You’re just have to connect to a server in the UK.

To watch NBA games online for free you are going to have to find a local TV provider who broadcasts online. Digi Sport in Romania is known for this, as is SRF TV in Switzerland.

watch tv online free

There I will am watching live TV in Switzerland from… Not Switzerland. The drawback is that it is not in English. There is also the issue of what games these broadcasters will actually have. If you happen to be from Switzerland, or anywhere else in the world, you can still tap into your local TV and watch NBA games online through them. It’ll be like you never left home.

Watch NBA games online for free

It is quite possible to watch any NBA game online for free. But you have to be sure to protect yourself if you are bypassing content restrictions.

Even if you do what is called ‘the right thing,’ you can still face geo-restrictions that block you from watching your home team. A VPN is the way to get around both of these restrictions and watch all the NBA games you want this 2017-2018 season.


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