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The 10 Most Downloaded Movies of February 26, 2016

Hello, and welcome to the very first in our weekly series of articles about the most downloaded movies of the week! Every week I’m going to go through the aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines to figure out what everyone out there is downloading the most.

To start off our list is the oddly placed Victor Frankenstein. I’d like to tell you more about this flick, but I’d never heard of it until today! It’s bascially an origin story with Professor X and Harry Potter exploring the emergence of the man who became Dr. Frankenstein! This is a new DVD release, this likely pushed interest in the flick.

Other notable movies on the lit this first week includes the incredible Deadpool. Seriously, see it in theatres before you miss out, the downloadable version will always be here for you. You’ll see Ride Along 2 on the list with a dismal Tomatometer ratings, but to be fair if you go see it you will laugh. The Martian and Creed are very well received and critically praised films that have been popular torrents for some time now.

Before you start downloading, remember that you can be tracked and get a DMCA notice, or be fined for downloading movies which are copyrighted. We do not recommend doing so. If you choose to you can hide all of your online activity with a VPN, and protect yourself against possible troubles.

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This list is built using aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines for torrent discovery. All information is here for your information only, we do not promote the distribution of copyrighted materials.

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