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Blockless VPN Review

Before you buy a VPN suitable for Your Needs from the first company you find, check the reviews. We test, review and rate the top services for Blockless Vpn Review. We want to make sure you get the highest quality Blockless Vpn Review, the fastest turnaround time, the best support, the lowest price, and the guarantees to back it up. Don’t waste your money on scams or poor-quality providers.

Avoid the scams and use the services that actually work below:

Blockless VPN is a VPN provider based in Canada which offers some attractive perks, but does have a few downsides. Its feature set is okay, but its server network is below average. It has lousy customer support—there’s live chat support, but it’s not working.

Blockless VPN has both premium and free plans. The free plan allows you to check out Blockless VPN’s services without having to disclose your credit card information, which is pretty cool.

The company doesn’t have good customer protection policies. It collects too many personal details, it doesn’t have a refund policy, and the logging policy is not properly described.

While Blockless VPN is a decent VPN provider, it lacks some necessary elements. We advise that you choose another VPN provider that’s proven and more reliable.


Blockless VPN offers a rather basic feature set. Its most prominent features consist of the following:

  • Ultra-fast connection speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to five connected devices
  • Advanced ad blocker
  • Streaming SmartDNS
  • No-log policy
  • One-click region switch
  • Bank-level encryption
Blockless VPN Features

This feature set satisfies the basic expectations and does provide the necessary protection and security one should look for in a VPN provider. Blockless VPN, however, doesn’t mention anything about supporting P2P. If your intent is to indulge in torrent downloading, choose VPN providers that specialize in torrenting.

Countries & servers

Blockless VPN has a very small server network. If you wanted to use a VPN for geo-unblocking, then Blockless VPN may not be the best solution. It has servers located in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • The UK
  • The US
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden

Blockless VPN doesn’t disclose the exact number of its servers, which is bad. This type of server network is simply insufficient, and we can’t recommend a VPN provider that offers a server network this poor.

Blockless VPN Server Network

Speed & reliability

Blockless VPN has stated on its website that it offers ultra-high connection speeds. Those terms are too vague for us, so we dug a little to find more concrete information on this matter. While there wasn’t any information about the server capacity, download limit, average speed, and speed stability, we did manage to find some information regarding VPN speed optimization.

Blockless VPN Speed

Blockless VPN has apparently built an algorithm which allows it to offer you the best connection speed. Given its small server network, we doubt that you’ll get a good VPN connection speed if you don’t connect to a VPN server close to your physical location. With Blockless VPN’s scarce data, we can’t make any valid assumptions regarding its connection speed.

Pricing & payment

Blockless VPN offers two different pricing plans: basic and premium. The premium plan includes all of Blockless VPN’s advanced features.

Blockless VPN Pricing

The monthly pricing plan is $7.50 per month, which is a little above the industry average, and far above the prices offered by the best cheap VPNs. The good thing is that with the basic plan, you can try Blockless VPN’s services for free without disclosing your credit card information. It would have been better though if the company offered more diverse pricing plans.

Blockless VPN accepts payments via PayPal, Stripe, and all major credit cards.


Blockless VPN doesn’t have good customer support. Unlike most top VPN providers that have responsive and friendly live chat support, Blockless VPN’s live support was dysfunctional during the entire time of our review.

Blockless VPN Customer Support

Other than the dysfunctional live chat support, Blockless offers the following customer support:

  • Blog
  • News
  • Setup Guide
  • Contact Us

While the provider does have some useful content in the above-mentioned sections, its blog section is outdated and hasn’t offered any new content since 2016. If we could describe Blockless VPNs customer support in one word, it would be “insufficient.”

Policies & logging

The customer protection policies of VPN providers reflect their commitment to providing reliable VPN services. Blockless VPN offers the following customer protection policies:

  • Privacy policy: Blockless VPN collects a certain amount of personal data, including your name, IP address, and credit card information. The company claims to use these pieces of information to provide you good services, and it will only share your data with its trusted third-party subjects necessary to establish transactions (like PayPal and Stripe).
Blockless VPN Personal Data Collection
  • Refund policy: Blockless VPN states that it has a refund policy, but its Refund and Cancellation section is inaccessible.
  • No-logging policy: Blockless VPN said on its homepage that it maintains a strict no-logging policy, but we couldn’t find any information about this in its policy sections.

We didn’t like Blockless VPN’s customer protection policies at all. The company collects way too much personal data, and its refund and logging policies are not properly described.

Expert recommendation

There were many things that Blockless VPN could have done better to be a competitive VPN provider. The features are okay, but the company has a poor server network, lousy customer support, and bad protection policies. It offers one free plan and one premium package. With the free plan, you can try its services for free, and your credit card information isn’t required during the seven-day trial period.

Blockless VPN is not a VPN provider we would trust, considering that it doesn’t have a refund policy, and the logging policy is only listed as a feature. We don’t want to recommend a provider which may misuse your personal data. We recommend instead that you take a look at the top VPN providers we have reviewed on our website.

Blockless VPN Review

How Do We Rate VPNs?

Our ratings for blockless vpn review are based on our professional experience and extensive tests with VPN providers between April 2014 – July 2014, taking into account user feedback and reviews we receive. As a friendly disclosure, some VPN providers do compensate us for customers we refer them, but this in no way effects their ranking on our website, nor our reviews.


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