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Choose the Best Anonymous Browser: Stay Safe Online

We have a strong focus on helping people stay anonymous or (at least) increasing their online privacy. The primary tool for this will always be a reliable VPN provider. The additional step that you can take is choosing the best anonymous browser.

While it is not recommended that you use even the best anonymous browser available as your sole online privacy tool, it will still help you. There is no one magical solution to online privacy. You need a comprehensive set of tools. A secure and private browser, along with a VPN, is a very good start.

The best anonymous browser

Comodo Dragon browser

OS support: Mac, Windows, Linux

Comodo has been supplying a wide variety of online security tools for many years. Its Comodo Dragon browser is just another component to a complete plan that the company can provide to you. Comodo was sure to create something truly useful when it built this browser with features such as:

  • Domain validation technology which identifies and separates poor SSL certificates. This forms the backbone of all good online privacy.
  • A built-in ad tracking blocker, similar to Ghostery and Adblock Plus. The difference is that it’s right there in the browser, and you do not have to download an additional extension.
  • The blocking of all browser download tracking. This increases your online privacy by preventing online companies from creating a profile of you.

This browser is based on Chromium, the open source project from which Google takes its own source code for Chrome. For anyone who wants to use something like Google Chrome but with greater privacy and anonymity, Comodo is the best anonymous browser to choose.

Epic Browser

OS support: Mac, Windows

With a name like that, it had better put up or shut up! Epic Browser is another tool which is built on the Chromium platform. The difference is that it was built as an “always on” privacy browser. This means that it has stopped all online tracking that comes from:

  • Google
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Common government tactics

Not only that. You can turn on its proxy and get a little bit of anonymity from:

  • School networks
  • Employers
  • Hackers

Keep in mindthis only exists within the browser itself. Anything you do online outside the browser is unprotected. It does not work in the same manner as a VPN, which protects every single thing that you do.

While the name may not be recognizable, some of the people associated with the development of this browser are:

  • Hidden Reflex, a large software development company, is the browser’s developer.
  • Rob Malda, Slashdot’s founder, is on the Board of Directors.
  • Douglas Rushkoff works as an adviser. He is a well-known privacy advocate.

The founder of Hidden Reflex is also a well-known privacy advocate. Here are some of his thoughts from a recent TEDx conference:

SRWare Iron

OS support: Android, Linux, Mac, Windows

Yes, this is another tool that was built on Chromium. What makes SRWare Iron unique is its data protection measures. Here is how it does this:

  • Ordinarily, Google is notified every time you start a new session on Google Chrome. It will then start to track your data usage.
  • SRWare Iron removes the use of an ID as well as the search suggestions feature. While search suggestions are convenient, they are only able to give this to you by tracking and storing your data.

SRWare, the company behind the browser, is constantly striving to make its product better. Just this week, it released version 56 for Android:

Pretty impressive stuff! SRWare didn’t just create this and then walk away. Working to improve constantly is the only way to become the best anonymous browser.

Tor browser

OS support: Mac, Windows, Linux

Many people would rank this browser much higher. Some would even choose it as the best anonymous browser by far. Due to the number of concerns about the Tor browser, it is hard to take it seriously 100% right now. Reports of it being hacked date all the way back to December 2015.

Let’s assume that right now, it is working at its best. What it aims to protect are:

  • User location
  • Browser history
  • Online messages
  • Personal data

It aims to protect all these details from any person, bot, or organization trying to target your online activity.

Tor is not a typical browser. To start with, Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router. The browser allows you to access the Tor network. It works by breaking up your online activity and sending your traffic through a multitude of different routers and servers. This makes it very difficult for anyone who is trying to track your online activity. As you can imagine, this will also slow down your Internet connection considerably. Your choice to use Tor Browser at this time will depend on your current trust in its security and your need for a fast browsing experience.

The best anonymous browser is not enough

There is no such thing as a truly anonymous browser. Getting 100% anonymity online is not possible. What is possible is making yourself a more difficult target for hackers and the government. Using one of these browsers, in conjunction with a reliable VPN like IPVanish, will help you succeed in protecting yourself online.

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