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The Most Downloaded Movies July 1, 2016

There’s no surprise what movie blew up both the box office and the most downloaded movies for July 1, 2016. It’s an alien comeback of earth-shattering proportions. We also see a few new movies that are actually good, one which is awful in an awful way, and some older movies pop back up with better quality.

The top movie this week is the number one alien movie sequel that no one wanted to see unless Will Smith punched an alien while smoking a cigar again …but they made Independence Day: Resurgence anyway. Did any of you see it? Seriously, how dumb is it? Tell me in the comments below. I don’t even have the energy to download it. The other movie near the top, for the third week in a row, is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. It’s a Tina Fey starring film, and a bit more of a serious role for he.r More serious than Sisters at least…

A movie which is getting great reviews, and should be seen as it’s one of the last roles of the great Anton Yelchin, is Green Room. It also has an evil Patrick Stewart and a shitty punk rock band. What else do you need? On a side note, I first started watching Anton during his role as Bird on the vastly underrated TV show Huff. Check it out. The other new movie on the list which may be worth watching is Dead Rising: Endgame. This series has a following, maybe you’re a fan. I’m not. The last new addition is, and I can’t believe the download numbers for it, Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz. It stars the cat and mouse going …back to Oz. Yes, the Oz with the Yellow Brick Road. Who writes this garbage? Really?

A few older movies made it back on the list again. There’s Zoolander 2 getting a new 1080p version, because people like to watch crap in HD. The Angry Birds Movie has a new 720p version floating around. Zootopia likes to come back on the list every now and then purely because people love it, and The Boss is here because you have to watch something when you’re stoned.

This list has been built purely for your informational purposes only. I am not promoting the downloading of any copyrighted movies. If you do, be sure protect yourself against a DMCA notice from your ISP by using a VPN provider found by clicking the button below. These services will encrypt your p2p traffic, downloading, and torrenting.

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I build this list every week with data I have pull from search engines for torrenting and p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promote the distribution of copyrighted movies, or punching puppies.