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Most Downloaded Movies July 15 2016

Hello, movie lovers and people looking for something, anything, to entertain them for a couple hours! This week’s most downloaded movie list, for July 15 2016, is brought to you by …last week, because many movies flipped their position. There is one new entry that’s interesting though.

The Legend of Tarzan is the King of the Jungle, and the king of downloaded movies again this week. The movie also stars Christoph Waltz. I haven’t seen it yet, is he brilliant in it or what? Is he a bad guy? Another movie staying near the top of our list is Independence Day: Resurgence. This movie is definitely …something to put on a screen as 2 hours pass by. The romantic movie Me Before You could have actually been on the list twice. Once in a 720p version, and again in a 1080p version. Good job, lovers.

The movie I can’t wait to talk about is All Girls Weekend. Seriously now …how many of you out there downloaded that movie thinking that it would be something else? Hm? Be honest! What this movie turns out to be is a pretty standard slasher flick. It’s tagline, “Some girls just wanna have blood,” is so bad it’s awesome. Warcraft appeared on the list again, mostly due to a slightly better out of focus cam version being uploaded. The movie has a large gap between how much reviewers like it, and how much fans like it. This movie’s for the fans.

I still can’t believe how well reviewed the new Barbershop movie is. Much respect to Ice Cube for putting a movie like this together and getting critical acclaim. Keep on watching Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, it’s a great vehicle for Tina Fey to move into more serious roles. It’s kinda her Truman Show moment, when you think about it. But she still make movies like Sisters when the chance comes around. I have nothing further to say about How to be Single or The Huntsman. They’re terrible.

This list was built only for your informational purposes. We do not promote the downloading of any copyrighted movies, or provide links to them. If you do choose to download movies, be sure protect yourself against a DMCA notice from your ISP by using any of the VPN providers found by clicking the button below. These services will encrypt your p2p traffic, movie downloading, and torrenting.

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I build this list every week with data I have pull from search engines for torrenting and p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promote the distribution of copyrighted movies.

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