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Most Downloaded Movies July 22 2016

Wow, what a week in downloaded movies July 22, 2016 has been! Kick Ass Torrents was shut down, the owner arrested, #drama. But the world of downloaded movies kept on rolling as many new films showed up on the list this week.

The Secret Life of Pets was the surprise of the week for me as it landed easily at the top. I had not heard or seen any advertising for this at all! Looking it up now, I’m sure it’s a good family flick. It also has Kevin Hart in it, and that guy had me laughing myself silly alongside The Rock in the surprising comedy Central Intelligence. Odd how that movie isn’t on the list! The other movie I didn’t expect to see so many downloads for was X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s appearance is no doubt due to a 720p version showing up this past week.

Still holding strong on the list are Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, and the romantic film Me Before You. That’s quite the mix of fantasy, sci-fi action, and romance you’ve got going on there, downloaders! A diverse list is a good list though, something for all occasions. I can’t recall any romantic movie staying at the top of the list this long. What’s going on? Is this movie helping you all get laid that much? 😉 We also still have the Tina Fey starring Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and the dismal How to be Single. Stop wasting Internet bandwidth on the latter, please.

There are three other new movies on the list, and they’re a mixed bag. We have the outlaw western named, creatively, Outlaws and Angels. It stars an Eastwood, but not the right one. Sniper: Ghost Shooter is part of the Sniper series, the movie series that is so off target that …sorry, I can’t pun how bad these flicks are. Last, sitting at number 9, is the newest (whoops, look like I chose the wrong poster …can’t changed it now…) Ghostbusters film…


I build this list every week for your informational purposes only. I don’t promote the downloading of copyrighted movies, or provide any links to them. If you do choose to download any movies, be sure protect yourself against a DMCA notice by using any of the VPN providers found by clicking the button below. These services will encrypt your p2p traffic, movie downloading, and torrenting.

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This list is built from data pulled from search engines for torrenting and p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promote the distribution of copyrighted movies. Downloading movies is bad, mmkay?

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