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The Most Downloaded Movies June 17 2016

Ok, let’s be honest here, it was not a good week for movies. Fortunately for you I have a few good suggestions here as the Most Downloaded Movies list of June 17, 2016 found at least one hidden gem!

Warcraft is the top movie downloaded again this week, and X-Men: Apocalypse is still in the top 5. Nerds rule. They’re still in theatres so don’t miss them on the big screen, your 13 inch Acer just doesn’t capture it the same. Hit the theatre before they done because these two movies need a big screen for the big stories told.

Seeing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot so highly ranked had me wondering if someone had created a Bloodhound Gang biopic. Thank Jesus and Superman that this isn’t the case! It is, instead, a comedy starring Tina Fey, <3, and Margo Robbie! The film is set in war-torn Afghanistan so expect a dose of drama with the laughs. There were 3 other new movies this week too. Precious Cargo has, no joke, a 0% Freshness score. Figure out a drinking game to get through this disaster. The Gunman is another awful movie, but it’s back up the list again because someone ripped a DVD version ahead of its June 30 release. The Trust …well… it stars Nicholas Cage. You already formed an opinion, haven’t you?

Movies hanging around for another week include the newly ripped Zootopia, which is killing it with audiences all over the world. Still. The independent Independent’s Day was a movie which, last week, I thought would have one week on the list and then be gone. Maybe it really is worth a viewing. And someone should really question why they waste bandwidth on The Hunstman: Winter’s War, and The Divergent Series: Allegiant. Were you a few GBs below your limit and just wanted to download anything at all before it reset?

This list was built for informational purposes only. I am not promoting the downloading of any copyrighted movies. If you do, be sure protect yourself against a DMCA notice from your ISP by using a VPN provider found by clicking the button below. These services will encrypt your p2p traffic, downloading, and torrenting.

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The most downloaded movies list is built every week with data I have pulled from search engines for torrenting and p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes only. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promote the distribution of copyrighted movies.