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HideIPVPN In a Nutshell

HideIPVPN offers a very focused VPN service with a unique viewpoint. Their network is not as vast as others, but they work hard to make sure that their customers are satisfied.

Their clear policy on allowing P2P and torrenting on certain servers also helps users know what is and what isn’t acceptable on their service. All in all, we like HideIPVPN, but they simply don't have the server network to rank amongst the biggest VPNs in the industry.

Reliability & Speed Tests

HideIPVPN has above average speed on some servers, however in other countries it has below average speeds. It all seems to depend upon the server you connect to, but the German server was the most consistently fast. It is also possible that their small server network was overtaxed at times. During a number of weeks of testing they were found to have no reliability issues.

Pricing & Payments

HideIP VPN has one of the most confusing pricing structures in the industry. They have many different price points:

  • $4.19: This allows you to connect to one single server in one country.
  • $4.19: This allows you to connect to their bit torrent dedicated VPNs.
  • $6.99: This allows you to connect to all 28 of their available servers.
  • They also offer one time discounts on all of these for your first month, so the prices will go up. So after one month, $3 will be added to each one per month. This is far and away the most confusing pricing structure we have seen with a VPN service, and with their cheapest option actually being $7.19 per month after the first month, it's hard to choose them with this cost.


HideIP VPN have done some interesting things with their dedicated VPN client:

  • DNS leak protection

  • Application killer which stops certain applications, similar to a VPN killswitch

  • Sorting VPN servers by speed

  • Help with VPN encryption protocol selection

  • While this is not the most powerful VPN client that we have come across, it does cover some important points such as their application killer. Being able to sort VPN servers by speed also comes in helpful once you find that their server speeds are lacking in some countries.

Servers & Countries

They have a very small, and dedicated group of servers. What is not a good sign is that they used to have more. Just a year ago they were in 8 countries instead of 7, and they had 30 servers instead of 28. This is not a good sign for a small VPN which should be growing, but is instead shrinking.

They currently have servers in:

    • Germany

    • UK

    • USA

    • France

    • Poland

    • The Netherlands

    • Canada

These are some pretty major countries which will allow for getting around location-based censorship, but it is far below the numbers from major providers.


Their support comes in the usual three manners. This includes:

  • A rather extensive FAQ section

  • Email support

  • Live chat

Your best bet is to check the FAQ section first, and then use email support as live chat is limited.

Policies & Logging

An exceptional money back guarantee

HideIPVPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their VPN service. We haven’t personally requested a refund, but users who have requested refunds have not had major issues.

Good for surfing and downloading!

HideIPVPN keeps you anonymous and secure online. Their no-logging policy is strong, but not as well regarded as IPVanish. According to HideIPVPN:

“1. We know what user account connected to which server (and type of protocol used) – WE DO NOT TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY when you “pass through” our VPN servers.
2. Those informations are only kept for 3 days and automatically deleted / overwritten. 3 days is all we need to make sure if new client did or did not connect to our servers and if he/she is eligible for refund.”

Their data retention is for bookkeeping purposes related to data, and is deleted every 3 days. Not the ideal scenario, but it is a good policy for protecting their network.

Technical Assessment

Expert Recommendation

If HideIP VPN's network had continued growing, instead of the contraction in the last year, they could have moved up in our rankings. They have a good client, with decent features, and a slightly confusing pricing structure, but that could've been overcome by some sort of growth. The ownership of the service, or at least those who claim to be owners, are not forthcoming with the location of their offices. This could be a bit of a concern, they list Moldova and the USA as founding locations, but will not say where their offices are.

As it stands, they are an adequate VPN provider, but nowhere near a match for your money when compared to IPVanish.

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