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How to Find Pirated Movies Online: Use Squawkr for Automatic Updates!

There is a new tool out that will make it as easy as possible to find pirated movies online. This new tool squawk or, will help you track and get notified when movies you want to download are released. You will no longer have to worry about checking your favorite movie sites for P2P. You’ll get notifications right in your email, making things easier for you. Let’s look at using this tool a little bit more in depth, and find pirated movies easier.

Find Pirated Movies Online Using Squawkr

What is Squawkr

For anyone out there who has waited with anticipation for their favorite movie to be leaked on the line, Squawkr will make things easier for you. We all know that online leaks have no regular schedule, and there’s no way of telling when they will become available.

But now with Squawkr you can create a watch list of films that you want to track. Once they become available online you are sent an email notification. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy brand-new movies much quicker. You will no longer have to check in on your favorite websites over and over again, or ask on Twitter repeatedly, you will know right when it is released.

Sign up for Squawkr and find out, people! Seriously, you are super annoying.

How does Squawkr help you find pirated movies online

The whole point of Squawkr is to get rid of all of the manual labor of going back to websites over and over again. Think of it as Google Alerts for movie pirating. Let’s look at the process of signing up for, and adding a movie for, the Squawkr service.

What you need to look for the first time you log into their site is the start button along the bottom. It looks like this:


You will then get a popup to login or register. You are obviously going to click on the register just below the login:



You then just add the email that wants the notifications to go to.


There is no bother with a confirmation email or anything like that. All you have to do once you have created your account is to sign into it at this screen, which you are automatically sent to:


Now that you have your account it is time to start adding movies wish you want to be notified about. I am clearly a huge comic book nerd, I actually buy them and read them and everything, and you bet your sweet bibby I want to know when Dr. Strange is available:


I also signed up for the release of Suicide Squad. Since this movie is already out I was sent a notification right away. It looks like this in your email:


Pretty simple! Now all you have to do is find the movie, which will be really easy to do since you have the actual filename. Once you have it get your favorite P2P client working on downloading it.

Other things to know about Squawkr

Squawkr has focused its efforts on only letting you know about releases of a high-quality. When you are selecting what movies to add you can choose 720p or 1080p quality.You will not!

Commenting on the famous r/piracy sub-Reddit, the sites founder had this to say:

I’ve developed a 100% free web app (ad free too!) that will send you a notification (mail and/or Pushbullet) when a movie from your Squawkr watchlist has been scene released.

Im very excited to share this little tool with you all as I have been working on it for the past many months. Originally, I had no experience developing with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, bootstrap, etc., so I’m very pleased with the result. 🙂

He is clearly a proud papa of this new way to find pirated movies online. To hear it right from his own keyboard/mouth, this is how he describes Squawkr:

It scrapes movie release names to my database, where they are parsed and categorized for future use. If a scraped movie title matches a title in a user’s watchlist, an email/pushbullet notification will be sent with the release name. That’s it!

He is also a big fan of listening to community input. After getting feedback on Reddit, and through a portal on the website itself, he added the following changes:

  • Pushover supported
  • Dumped omdbapi.com in favour of themoviedb.org API for more accurate search results
  • New Notification ArchiveIt is now possible to select the desired quality of the movie release (1080p, 720p, any)
  • Moved away from self hosted mail server due to spam policy
  • Settings tab reworked

It’s always improving, and it’s still free. What else could he asked for?  The only easier way to find pirated movies would be to hire someone to do it for you…

Protect yourself when pirating movies

Don’t forget that if you’re going to pirate movies that you need to use encryption. Choose one of the best VPNs for P2P on this list, sign up for Squawkr, and get to downloading the best movies right when they are released.

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