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How to Stream El Clásico Online: Free & Paid Options!

Are you as excited about the every El Clásico clash as much as I am? Every single meeting between these two Spanish sides is always a tense affair, with legendary moments that fans will never forget. The next match will, without a doubt, create at least one moment as thrilling as these:


Besides getting a cold brewski and some fries or chips, you’ll also need to find a quality El Clásico stream that will allow you to fully enjoy the glorious 90 minutes of footballing magic. Depending on your location, it may be difficult to find good streams for the El Clásico. Using a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended, as it allows users to watch El Clásico from all around the world. To make sure you’re ready and set for what the epic clash between the two best Spanish teams, I’ll show you how to safely watch the best streams of the El Clásico derby.

Why you need a VPN to watch El Clásico

A VPN? Wait, I only wanted to find a good stream to watch the El Clásico! This is what you’re probably thinking right now, and for a good reason. VPNs have nothing to do with watching the El Clásico but have everything to do to ensure that your viewing experience is off the charts.

If you’re wondering why you should go through all that trouble to find a good VPN for online streaming, here are a couple of reasons that might put your doubts at ease:

  • Protect your personal information: A VPN is a piece of software specifically designed to protect your online activity against malicious users. Given that online streaming is a little bit of a legal gray area, using a VPN will make sure that no traces are left behind from your online viewing activity and will protect your personal information against third parties. The sites you’re visiting will never know it was actually you who paid them a visit. All they will get is the information from the VPN server itself.
  • Faster streams: A VPN is great as it routes your connections away from crowded servers and provides a safe and fast online streaming connection. Say goodbye to all those nerve-wracking lags that make watching the game pretty much unbearable, and say goodbye to your ISP possibly throttling your activities.
  • Geo-blocked content access: You want to watch El Clásico, but the stream is sadly not allowed in your country? VPNs allow you to manually choose the location of the VPN server you’re connecting to. This means that if you want to watch a stream from Spain, you can go to the VPN client software settings and choose a VPN server located in Spain.

Keep in mind that not every VPN provides all of the above-mentioned perks. Some of them—usually the ones that are free, ad-ridden, or bandwidth-limited—don’t really provide great geo-accessing services. What you need is a reputable, already-checked VPN that is guaranteed to provide the best conditions for the El Clásico. Such VPNs can be found on our website as we reviewed and ranked the best VPNs for online streaming.

The best VPNs for watching El Clásico

On our website, we review, test, analyze, and rank the best VPN service providers. We divide VPNs depending on their strengths and main focus, and we rank them accordingly. For the El Clásico, the most suitable VPNs for you to choose are the ones that excel at online streaming. Here is a fine selection of the top two service providers that are currently topping our charts for online streaming:

[affilioProvider max=”2″ top=”n” cat=’streaming’]

All these VPN service providers performed admirably when we tested them for online streaming, and rest assured, they will be up to the task for the El Clásico clash. 

Best paid streams to watch El Clásico

Now that you learned all about the perks and benefits that come from equipping yourself with a quality VPN, it’s time to talk about the best streams that will provide an excellent online feed of the El Clásico. Here are some of the best streaming sites that will definitely broadcast El Clásico:

These are considered some of the most reliable online streaming sites for football today. They are streaming the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona as they have the necessary broadcasting rights for copyright purposes. However, you should keep in mind that they might request a subscription price for the match. There are, of course, free online streaming sites, but we all know that they have issues.

Best free streams to watch El Clásico

Even though there are some insecure and unreliable online streams that are labeled as free, there are some that really do provide a quality stream for no price at all. Still, I should remind you that free streams are ad-ridden and can have connection problems as they are often overcrowded. Here is the selection of top free online streams to watch El Clásico:

Keep in mind that these streams are geographically restricted, so there is a chance that they are not available in your country. That is one of the main reasons why using a VPN is a good idea.

FuboTV Free Stream El Clasico

How to watch El Clásico with a VPN regardless of your location

As the saying goes—it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. Even though CR7 is no longer a Real Madrid player (I’m not crying… you are), the clash between the two Spanish titans will be as thrilling as ever. Don’t miss the epic battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona just because you didn’t want to put effort into setting up a VPN.

To spare you of any future regrets, here is how you can easily set up your VPN and access geo-restricted online streams:

  • Start the VPN client software from the VPN service
  • Connect to the VPN server in a country where El Clásico is broadcasted
  • The software encrypts your data, and the ISP won’t know it was you
  • The data then returns to the VPN server. From there, it goes to the online destination
  • The online destination (The El Clásico stream) sees your data as it is coming from the VPN, not you.

That’s how you can set up your VPN in several easy steps and make sure to watch the El Clásico peacefully. Keep in mind that the VPN service will automatically choose a nearby VPN server that is near your location. You need to manually adjust the settings and pick a server that is located in the country where the El Clásico is streamed. Here’s Express VPN with a demonstration.

Go to 2:05 on the video above, and you’ll see exactly how a VPN server location is manually chosen.

VPN for a safe viewing experience of the El Clásico

Regardless of whether you’re watching El Clásico or another online stream, always make sure to have a VPN protecting your online activity. I know that you’re excited about every El Clásico match, but that doesn’t mean you should expose yourself to potential hackers and other malicious users. Remember, a VPN does several things:

  • Encrypts and protects the online data you’re sending
  • Provides total data privacy and security
  • Improves your Internet connection and allows faster streaming against ISP throttling
  • Allows users to access geo-blocked online streams

The VPN service effectively hides your IP address, location, and other data you transmit when going online. This makes it very hard for hackers to steal your information, as all they’ll have access to is the information displayed by the VPN itself – encrypted gibberish.

When it comes to online streaming, the VPN basically protects you against any legal issues that may arise out of watching online broadcasts. With that being said, don’t hesitate to get yourself a quality VPN, and watch the El Clásico derby safely and without any interruptions.