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Norton Review

Norton Review

Norton - USA
Starting Price
$4.99 / Monthly for 1 device (Grab this Deal)
OpenVPN, IPSec,
Customer Rating
Our Rating
#13 for Android
#3 for iOS
#17 for Mac
#11 for Streaming
#17 for Windows
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Norton In a Nutshell

Norton WiFi Privacy is recommended for those who are already familiar with Norton's other products as it will feel very familiar to you. Norton WiFi Privacy is also a good choice for those who are new to VPNs. Advanced VPN users will find themselves disappointed as the goal is clearly to easily onboard new users, and they will not like the lack of support for torrenting and p2p.

Reliability and Speed

Norton's VPN service, which they call Norton WiFi Privacy, is found to have a speed that is comparable to most other VPN providers. It is very important for you to be sure to take into consideration the country that you are connecting to. Your speed will be impacted by the speed available in the country you are connecting to. To illustrate this, here is the Internet connection on the day of testing with no VPN: norton wifi privacy speed test Here is what happened when connected to the server in South Africa: norton wifi privacy speed test south africa The problem in this instance is South Africa as they have notoriously slow Internet. Norton has a feature which automatically chooses the best connection for you. This is recommended as you will typically get speeds in this range: norton wifi privacy speed test best result 12 to 13 MB per second is about the average for any VPN you will use. For an honest assessment, when you're using Norton WiFi Privacy it does feel slightly slower than other VPNs. This was the conclusion that we all came to, it may not reflect your exact experience.

Service Plans

Norton bases their pricing on a yearly subscription. This subscription amount will vary depending upon the number of devices you wish to have connected. This is similar to how all of their other security suites operate. The yearly going rates as of this writing are:

    • 1 device – $50
    • 5 devices – $80
    • 10 devices– $100
They also offer their other security tools in package deals with their VPN. This should be the case as their VPN is on the expensive side. One device for $4.99/month sounds like a good deal, until you remember that Private Internet Access has a similar service for $3.33/month with a five device limit. Packaging different security tools together with Norton is the best use of this VPN. They can be a complete security solution for all of your Internet needs, all on one bill.

Price Plans

LikesPlan Price
Monthly for 5 devices $$7.99
Monthly for 10 devices $$9.99

Software and Features

Norton WiFi Privacy has very few visible features. The only options that you are given as far as features go are:

    • Choosing what country to connect to

    • Whether or not to have ads blocked

    • Selecting whether or not it opens up on the login

    • Choosing to automatically connect

These are the four most basic features, and you are given nothing else as far as your options go. This makes it very simple to use.
Features which are built into the software include these encryption levels for different operating systems:

    • Android: OpenVPN using Blowfish 128 encryption

    • iOS: IPSec using AES 128 encryption

    • Windows: OpenVPN using Blowfish 128 encryption

    • Mac: OpenVPN using Blowfish 128 encryption

This is top of the line encryption, and a great feature for those looking to protect themselves from hackers.

A very useful feature which they do not mention, or give you the option to turn off and on, is their killswitch. We have observed it operating, but there is no indication from Norton's website that they actually have one. How the VPN behaves, however, clearly indicates that they have one protecting you.


We tested Norton WiFi Privacy extensively on a Macbook Pro. The test lasted for well over a week, and no reliability issues came up. Norton VPN has good connections which do not drop. We also took the time to run it through its paces, with multiple downloads and streaming at the same time, and did not experience any issues.

We spoke with Norton and they claimed a 99.8% server uptime. That’s pretty impressive, and in line with what we experienced.

Platforms and Compatibility

Norton has created clients for the following platforms:

    • Windows

    • Mac

    • Android

    • iOS

These are the standard platforms, but it would be good to see them rollout specific clients for Chromebook, iPad, and Android tablets as others have. For now though, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ mobile clients work well enough.

CPU Load / Resources

At 179 MB on disk, Norton VPN may just be the fattest VPN you can download. This compares to the lightweight IPVanish at 22 MB on disk. The slightly more feature heavy Total VPN and Hidemyass VPN are 49 MB on disk.
norton wifi privacy software feature
As you can see, this is version 1.0.0 of their VPN client. Over time, they could put this on a diet so that it takes up less disk space on your device.

Of note is the fact that no slowdowns were noticeable while using it. It is a very large application for a VPN, but it does not appear to create any noticeable difference in CPU speed.

Servers and Countries

Norton VPN currently have over 1400 servers in 13 different countries, with 25 different locations between those 13 countries. They have also been sure to spread their servers across the world. You can find a server in the following countries:

  • Australia

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Singapore

  • Spain

  • UK

  • USA

  • For a VPN which started very recently, that variety of countries is a good start. This also makes it easy for those who are trying to unblock content in these popular countries. Expats always appreciate that. Norton no doubt used their connections to get this many VPNs up and running so quickly.

Customer Support

Given the fact that Norton has been in the digital security realm for so long, you can be sure that they have developed their customer support network. The different ways which you can get in touch with them include:

  • Live chat: This is a pop-up window in the bottom right corner of your browser when you go to their website. This provides adequate support, and is quite timely.

  • Norton Support: This is a dedicated webpage where you can choose the type of help that you are going to need. It also features an FAQ page where you can learn more and teach yourself, rather than need support.

  • Norton Forum: Your issue has come up before, and it is going to be in the forum. This is another opportunity to learn rather than to just bug support and have them sort it out for you. There is also a chance to get help from the community that the support team will not give you.

  • Phone support: Given the fact that Norton is a huge company, you can be sure that they have a dedicated phone team that will be able to help you with all of your questions. This phone support can also come with remote assistance.

  • Norton has learned over the decades how to care for their customers. This applies to their popular security tools as well as their VPN.

Policy Highlights

Perhaps the most trusted name in online and digital security is Norton. They have provided cutting edge antivirus software to the online community for decades. When they announced they were coming out with a VPN everyone here at BVP was excited to see what they offered.

We have been quite pleased to see that they have a no-log policy on all of their connections. Norton also push the WiFi privacy features of their VPN hard. This is commendable as every VPN provider should highlight this important aspect of VPNs. Their automatic kill switch feature is also appreciated.


Positives: Norton is a name which you know that you can trust in the digital security world. While their VPN service is new, you can trust that their no-logging policy, as well as their money back guarantee, are genuine. The built in killswitch is going to help out everyone who uses this VPN. Their ad blocking technology is also a nice little touch.

Negatives: While their client is very reliable, it lacks options that an advanced user would want. For the VPN novice this could actually be ideal as it takes a lot of worry out of their hands. P2P and torrent users will be disappointed that they can’t do this over the service.

Final word: The ideal Norton WiFi Privacy user is someone who is already familiar with all of their other security products. We would like to encourage anyone who has another product from them to also add this to their stable of security tools. Anyone who is new to the VPN world would also be wise to choose them as their provider.

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