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Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Policies on Online Privacy

This is not the blathering of some crazed ‘libtard.’ Donald Trump’s policies for online security have been clearly outlined by his opposition to Apple’s use of encryption. He even called for a boycott of them for this. His upcoming policy changes on net neutrality should surprised no one as he has appointed an opponent of net neutrality to head the FCC.

If you are someone who wants to get anywhere near protesting Donald Trump, especially if you live right in the United States with the NSA, you are going to want to protect yourself against Donald Trump’s policies of decreased online privacy and security. If you do not agree with Donald Trump, you are an enemy of Donald Trump that he could target. It is now time for you to take this seriously.

Donald Trump’s policies for online privacy

Donald Trump’s policies for online privacy and online security will not just harm his opponents. His proposed undermining of encryption will put everyone at risk, regardless of your feelings for him.

This is because hackers can get hold of tools which are used to break or we can encryption, and they don’t give a damn about Donald Trump or anything else. They just want to steal from you. This is why you need to start protecting yourself, regardless of whether not you’re actually planning on doing any activist activities.

Linux-based systems have more privacy

Unless you have access to the source code for your operating system, you will never truly know whether or not it has a backdoor built into it. If you are doing anything truly sensitive that is why I recommend you use a Linux-based system. You can access the source code for this, so can independent contractors, and verify its security settings and lack of a backdoor.

Do not bring your smartphone

If you are going somewhere, and you would rather not have the possibility of being traced, you simply must leave your smartphone at home. These are real time tracking devices, thanks to GPS.

If you simply must have a smartphone with you for constant communication, especially with the white team, there are Android-based smartphones which are secured thanks to encryption.

signal-private-messaging-app-encryptionUse Signal for messaging

If you simply cannot go anywhere without your smartphone, you need to at least use Signal for your messaging needs. It offers end-to-end encryption, protecting you from spying. It is recommended by some of the biggest names in the online privacy world, including Edward Snowden and Bruce Schneier.

Hide your activity with a VPN

Your online activity can easily be traced at the ISP level. The simplest way to protect yourself is with encryption, and this encryption can come in the form of the VPN. Every time you turn on your VPN you will automatically have all of your online activities encrypted. This will protect you from Donald Trump’s policies of lessening encryption and privacy, and also protect you against hackers and other unscrupulous people.

When you are choosing a VPN make sure That it is one which does not log your activities. Examples include:

These are the three that I most recommend you look into. Their policies clearly state that they do not log activity, and history has shown us that they have not given information to law enforcement before.

Do not use the fingerprint unlocking scanner

Using your fingerprint scanner on your phone, or anywhere else, it’s much more risky than you think it is. You can be okay if you’re using It as part of your two factor authentication, but anyone can come along, steal your fingerprints, and open your device. You do not have to be a high-tech CSI:

It’s scary to think about, but some could also unlock your device by rendering you unconscious and then using your fingerprint open the device. Hackers have also been able to steal fingerprints using only a photograph. This is why you need to use complex passwords.

Use full disk encryption

Both Mac and Linux computers allow for full disk encryption of the entire hard drive. It may make your computer slightly slower, especially during boot up, but it prevents anyone from simply opening up your laptop and stealing whatever information they like. Here is how to do it:

Using full disk encryption on windows is not as common, but it is possible.

Disable your microphone and WebCam

It isn’t that difficult at all for hackers, or one of Donald Trump policies ruining privacy, to allow your microphone and WebCam to be hacked. This will allow people to listen into conversations you’re having, and actually watch you to see if you are at home, or whatever it is you get up to in front of your computer.

Disabling your WebCam does not have to become located, I simply put a piece of paper taped over top of it. Your microphone can be handled by putting a dummy plug it into your headphone jack. Sometimes the best thing you can do to upset Donald Trump’ policies on online privacy is the simple things.

Donald Trump’s policies for online privacy will impact you

It doesn’t matter if you support him or not, the online privacy policies of Donald Trump are going to have a negative impact on you. You think you don’t have anything to hide? Give the hacker 10 minutes and they will find something. Keep in mind that this includes your private communications, your passwords, and your banking details. Do you still have nothing to hide? I thought so…

For those who are embarking upon online activist activities, who are attending protests, and those making charitable contributions against Donald Trump’s policies, I have one thing to say: Resist

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