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Starting Price
$6.25 / Month (Grab this Deal)
The Netherlands
Customer Rating
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#11 for Android
#9 for Chrome
#13 for Home
#1 for iOS
#15 for Mac
#14 for Torrenting
#15 for Windows
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ProXPN In a Nutshell

ProXPN has been around since 2009. In that time, they have shown limited growth and ambition. At just 37 servers, they are dwarfed by competitors such as IPVanish and Private Internet Access. That being said, they have a good core of users, and a caring support team and ownership.

Reliability & Speed Tests

The speed we experienced was average for most VPNs we've tested. They didn't stand out amongst competitors, but weren't lagging during heavy use. You can expect speeds of approximately 85% of your maximum limit without their service on. They did have more reliability issues than most with some dropped connections.

Pricing & Payments

ProXPN has only two pricing plans. The first is free, and it is very limited to just one server which has many restrictions on it. One such restriction is that it doesn't allowing torrenting. The other price plan is $6.25 per month. This is in the high-end, just 24 cents behind industry-leading IPVanish. This makes it a tough sell as just a few more cents per month gets you the best in the business. A more competitive price point would make them an alluring boutique VPN provider.


ProXPN has an average VPN client, with some useful features

  • OpenVPN and PPTP connections

  • Torrenting allowance

  • iOs and Android 4.0+ support

  • Every available port is open

One notable feature is called VPN Guard. This feature allows you to select what programs are shut down should your VPN connection drop. This can come in very handy if you're torrenting as it will protect you from leaking your IP address.

Servers & Countries

With just 37 servers in 14 countries, ProXPN is a smaller VPN provider. They do have servers in important countries, such as the UK, USA, and Canada, but may lack the true diversity that some travellers and ex-pats seek which can be fulfilled by someone like Hide My Ass.


You can get support first and foremost using the support forum, which is divided into the categories of Getting Started, Accounts & Payment, and Technical Support. These are quite useful, but you can also use other forms of support:

    • Phone support: Quite useful for immediate needs, like billing.

    • Email: Great for those who need a record to refer back to.

    • Snail mail: Not sure what this would be useful for, but...

    • Twitter: For those about to tweet, ProXPB will help you.

This wide array of support options let's you get help when you need it, and the way that you want it. They were all found to be as prompt as you'd expect, with phone support being a major asset for them as many other VPN providers do not have this option.

Policies & Logging

ProXPN offers a free VPN account, as well as 30 day risk free guarantee on their VPN service. Both of these options allow new uers to test out their service to get a feel for it before spending their money. While we didn’t need to request a refund from them, other users who have requested refunds from them in the past and have had no complaints.

ProXPN keeps you anonymous and secure, but it is not clear exactly how much they log. They say that they do not log what you do online, but users have stated that they have received DMCA notices for downloading. If they weren’t logging, they couldn’t send these. According to ProXPN:

“We do not log or record activity on our network (not that we could as the connection is encrypted).”

We remain skeptical.

Technical Assessment

Expert Recommendation

ProXPN is a middle-of-the-road VPN provider with a slightly above average price. While they don't do anything poorly, there's nothing which they excel at in any particular way.

Their no-log policy is appreciated, as is their VPN Guard technology which functions much like the VPN killswitch of the top VPN providers. They are a very serviceable VPN provider, and it would not be a mistake to choose them, but there are much better options out there at this price point.

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