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SecureVPN Review

SecureVPN is a US-based VPN company which launched in 2015. They are, quite honestly, such as small provider that they are barely worth mentioning. They have, at present, 5 VPN server in 5 countries. Meanwhile, Private Internet Access has thousands of servers in dozens of countries.

Another major issue with SecureVPN is their website as it isn’t secure. We visited several times and we given a Certificate error every time, and were warned by our browser that it wasn’t secure. This started our unease with the provider, and it never really got better.

You might be tempted to try them because they have a free service, but this limited to only 20 minutes. We highly recommend going to look at our Top 5 VPN providers right now.


In order to be worth the time or money at all, SecureVPN better have some decent features. We found two features that we liked:

  • Kill switch
  • Torrenting allowed

That was it, just the two. They make no mention of any other features being built into their VPN software.

They do all of the standard things a VPN does, such as encrypt your traffic, and get around geo-blocking by hiding your IP address, but they don’t tell you what encryption standard they use, and only unlock five countries. There are better choices out there.

Countries & servers

They currently have five servers total, and cover five countries:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • India

We have never been more underwhelmed by a server count before. If you are looking for a VPN which will help you unlock geo-restricted content you need to look at other providers.

Not only do they only cover five countries, but they only have one server per country. When something big is going down, like ex-pats all trying to watch a home cricket match in India, you can be sure that the one server they have will be taxed far beyond it’s normal use.

Speed & reliability

Speed and reliability are two important metrics for a quality VPN provider. While independent testing has found them to be in the average speed range, their reliability is severely limited by there lack of server. Even if a server has a great uptime, the one time it goes down results in there being no backup server in that entire country since they only have one.

While their servers are reasonably fast and reliable, the lack of backup options for when the inevitable happens and a server goes down really hurts them here. They also make no claims about the speed of their VPNs with hard numbers, which is bad because it gives you no guarantee you can refer back to.

Pricing & payments

This is the one area where SevureVPN make an argument as a decent VPN provider. They have a small server network, and charge a small amount for access to it:

  • One month: $7.99/month charged monthly
  • One year: $69.99/ year, charged annually

The one year works out to about $5.83 per month, which doesn’t put them on our best cheap VPNs list, but does make them slightly reasonable.


To say that Secure VPN stumbles in this regard would be an understatement. They have no live chat, their FAQ section has nonsensical content, the blog and Twitter haven’t been used since 2017, and their only method of contact is email. When you contact them by email, it takes days for anyone to get back to you, and the quality of the replies is low.

We were hoping, at the very least, to see a small VPN trying to grow, but it seems that they’re content with their size or have given up on the site and are only putting in the minimum effort. To put the final nail in the coffin of their support, on their home page they claim 24/7 support:

Over on their FAQ page, however, they claim 9am – 5pm EST, 7 days per week, to be their support hours:

We believe neither to be true based on our experience.

Policies & logging

This is another area of complete failure for SecureVPN. Let’s just look at the bullet pointed version as getting too far into it would be a waste of everyone’s time:

  • Data: They collect a lot of your personal information, including the very important internal and external IP address you use. They state this right in their ‘privacy’ policy.
  • Activity: Their disclosure section states that they do not log your web activity, but will give up your web activity to law enforcement. Excuse us, but how can you give up what you don’t track? This makes no sense to us, and is another reason to not use them.
  • Faults: They claim no responsibility if their encryption methods do not work and your data is exposed. They’re a car company selling you a car with “not our fault if it doesn’t drive” in a clause.

Given that they fall under the 5 eyes jurisdiction, there is no way that you should trust them given the information above and this fact. Use them for geo-unblocking if you must, but there are much better VPNs available for that task.

Expert recommendation

If it isn’t clear by now, or you’re skipping ahead to see our final thoughts, this is not a good VPN provider by any stretch of the imagination. They fall behind in the following ways:

  • Two decent features is all they have to brag about, with many vital features missing.
  • They have a tiny network of just five servers in five countries.
  • Their reliability has to be called into question with no backup servers for any country.
  • Pricing is reasonable, but other providers still offer more servers for less money.
  • It’s hard to say if they actually have customer support, or just one of the founders gets bored and checks their email whenever they feel like it.
  • Their policies and logging policies contradict each other within their own document, and this concerns us.

We need to be clear here that SecureVPN could be a decent VPN, stranger things have happened. At this time, we highly recommend that you look at our Top 10 VPN providers as any VPN on that list is far, far above SecureVPN.

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