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How to Remove Information from Google & Other Online Sources

Have you finally woken up to the fact that you need more privacy online? If you want to learn how to remove information from Google you have probably realized just how much data is being collected about you. This data includes your web search history, voice search history, what websites you visited, and what advertisements you’ve clicked on. In short, Google has collected …everything about you online, and offline is their next target.
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Data Retention: Australia’s New Laws Come into Effect

As of October 13, 2015, Australia has passed into law some of the most restrictive data retention laws in the Western world. If you look at them, and understand what they mean, you’ll wonder if this is the type of law coming out of repressive regimes like China, or Syria.

The cost to ISPs could be quite high, causing them to have to raise their prices. The cost to consumers could also be high as any time a large amount of data is stored needlessly, someone comes along and hacks it. Despite the high costs, the retention laws can be easily and cheaply circumvented. We’ll look at all of this now.
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Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings, and Stopping Ad Tracking

You’ve heard it before, but on Facebook YOU are the product being sold. This comes in the form of data tracking to serve you better advertisements. You give Facebook stacks and stacks of information every day, and all you get in exchange is use of their service. And ads. You get plenty of ads.

What many people don’t realise is that every time they sign into an app using their Facebook account, those companies are getting access to your account data. Now they won’t get your name and phone number, but they will learn about you and take your information to target you with advertising.

This article will help you gain some of your privacy back from these companies, and show you how to have greater privacy online overall.
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Pregnant Mother seeks Privacy from Big Data

A big reason why so many people love using a VPN is because it helps them stay anonymous online. This gives them privacy – a fundamental right of everyone on earth. Even the most barbarous of dictators wouldn’t openly admit to wanting to put a camera into the home of all their subjects.

Yet that is exactly what the governments and corporations of the world are doing with your online activities through various acts known collectively as Big Data. They’re tracking your online activities, taking this information from you, and selling it to marketers. Read that again: they’re using you. But a VPN can help you get privacy from Big Data.Read More »Pregnant Mother seeks Privacy from Big Data