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Which has Better Online Security: VPN or Proxy Server?

Many people travelling abroad, or living outside the USA, have found themselves getting blocked due to geo-restrictions on content. Some countries even restrict you from accessing basis online services like Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This leads people to attempting to find ways to get around them and they always come to one of two choices: VPNs or proxy servers.

While these two online tools for getting around geo-based restrictions are similar, they do differ. Knowing which one is best for your needs can help you make informed decision, take back your privacy, and give you the free and open Internet which you deserve.
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Protect Yourself While Gaming: Use a VPN on XBox

The Xbox series of gaming consoles have been incredibly popular. With the only true rival being the equally popular Playstation gaming consoles, Xbox enjoys a big slice of the home console and online gaming scene. With that success comes problems. And problems online means hackers. This can be DDoS attacks, online identity theft, and information stealing. Protecting yourself while gaming is now a serious need.

Fortunately, you can use a VPN on Xbox to protect yourself against these threats, your privacy, and help you enjoy a few perks like better group gaming, and even getting you through geo-blocks. Read on to see how to setup a VPN on your Xbox so that you can be secure, and enjoy a better gaming experience.
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How to Unblock Twitter: End 140 Character Censorship!

Twitter is many things to many people. It can be used to stay in touch with friends. It can be used to share jokes. It can be used for video. It can be used for pornography. And it can be used to share news stories and current events. These last two uses are why people need to unblock Twitter as censorship happens.

This article is going to look at censorship and blocking issues with Twitter, and offer you real solutions on how to get around it.
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How to Use Google in China: Unblock the Great Firewall!

Google has become an integral part of so many people’s lives in most of the western world. Many of them may not even realize how they need Google for not only search, but also for:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Play
  • Google Maps

And still more, I even left Google-owned Youtube off that list! If you want to use Google in China, or anything they manage, you’ll find yourself blocked. This is because the Chinese government has decided to censor as much of the west’s content as possible.

This censorship applies equally to all those in China, and those visiting China. The Great Firewall of China, which blocks many web properties including Google in China, doesn’t care what your passport says. If you’re in China, they’re blocking all Google products.

This article will help you use all Google products in China. You’ll be back to using your Gmail, downloading from the Google Play store, and watching YouTube clips in no time!
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What is Cyberbullying? How Can We Protect Our Kids from Cyberbullying?

Parents everywhere are all asking the same questions: What is cyberbullying? What can we do to protect our kids from this? While you may never be able to stop your children from being cyberbullied completely, you can certain do plenty to better protect them, and better educate them.

This will all tie in together with your overall cybersecurity plan, and how you will stay safe online in general. If you’re over the age of 18 the typical term used here is “cyberstalking,” and the advice in this article can apply to you just as readily as it will to someone under the age of 18.
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Why is Netflix Slow AGAIN?!? Netflix Slow Lanes Due to ISP Limits

If you’re at home right now wondering why is Netflix slow again, while the rest of your Internet connection are fine, it can be frustrating. What you may not know is that these Netflix slowing issues are commonly caused by your own ISP – the very people you are paying to bring you Netflix in the first place!

Netflix have been having a trying time with a number of ISPs as these ISPs are also commonly cable TV providers. They are seeing Netflix as competition and giving their traffic less priority and putting it in slow lanes. Comcast being the worst of the group. Now you, the consumer, are stuck in the middle of these paying both of these companies money but you still can’t watch the totally awesome Daredevil without buffering issues! What can you do? Read on for some ideas!
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Country Restrictions: How do Geoblocks Work?

You’re on vacation, far from home, and sitting down at your computer to catch up on your Netflix account. Or maybe tune into the BBC iPlayer to watch some Dr. Who. Or you could be one of many people trying to watch content on Hulu. Either way, you wind up with a geoblock screen that looks like this: how do geoblocks work Not available in your country ‘yet!’ So how do geoblocks work, how are they used, and how can you possibly get around them? Fear not, by the end of this article I’ll teach you ways to get your Tv and movie content that’s being blocked back!
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