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how a vpn works

Advanced Online Security & Privacy with VPNs that ANYONE Can Use!

VPNs were once a tool only used by very few people. This was back when everyone just assumed that your online security would be taken care of for you. With all of the hacks going on lately, against even the once thought of most secure online companies, we know that this is not the case.

This has lead to many people starting to use VPN services, but are they using them to their fullest potential? The case is often a big ‘NO’ as new users are simply downloading their VPN client and connecting. They’re not doing everything they can to make their experience more anonymous, and as secure as possible.
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Online Tracking: Can an ISP Track a VPN User?

With online tracking becoming a bigger and bigger hot topic, especially with all the social media tracking going on, your next step is to wonder about your ISP. What sort of data can your ISP track, what’s the extent of this online tracking done, and what can your VPN hide?

I’ll answer those questions, and help you get the online privacy that you want. Nothing will ever be perfectly 100% hidden, but you can certainly take back your privacy and not be spied on every moment of your Internet using life!
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Fixing Geo-Blocks and Location Blocking Problems

All VPNs can be very useful tools in getting past geo-blocks and location blocking of all kinds, and for many different kinds of content. You can use VPNs to access the BBC from the USA, or to access blocked YouTube videos from …anywhere!

There are still occasions when you’ll be logged into your VPN, ready to get past a troublesome block, only to find yourself still unable to access the website or content. What can you do to get around these location based block? I have seven different ideas for you to try to get around and fix these geo-blocks so that you can go back to enjoying the content you want to see.
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How to Browse Anonymously Online

Online tracking is so prevalent nowadays that your every move is being tracked. How do you browse anonymously and start to feel like you don’t have eyes looking over your shoulder right at your screen all day and night?

First, there are two types of tracking that take place: local and remote. Local tracking is your search history stored in your browser, and cookies on your computer. Remote includes all of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of companies which track web activity. Not to mention every website on earth has some sort of tracking as well.
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Protect your Social Media Account from Hackers and Scams

Over the last ten years, social media has become a huge part of every brand’s marketing presence. Not only are brands using social media to market to consumers, but they’re also using it to make personal connections that can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, these same social media accounts can be hacked. This can ruin a once perfect social presence, results in confidential information theft, and even be done just for the LOLz. A bad hack could impact your business for years to come, and it can all start from:

  • A phishing scam
  • Old apps
  • Sharing information you shouldn’t
  • Poor public WiFi choices
  • Not using modern sign in tools
  • Neglecting your security software

And the list can go on. Fortunately for you, there are ways to protect your branded social media account from hacking. Read this guide for the most common ways to protect your company, and your customers!
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Internet Problems: 4 Ways your ISP Could be Screwing You

Hold on! Wait a second! ISPs never do anything wrong as all Internet problems are caused by gremlins and the ghosts of bad online porn actors. What could your ISP, your very own Internet service provider, be doing to possibly make it so you don’t get the best Internet experience?

Plenty! Many people have Internet problems of some sort because their ISPs know that they can take advantage of a wide portion of the population. This is because most people just want to connect to the Internet and forget about it until they have to pay their bill again. What goes on between you paying your bills is where REAL Internet problems occur. You could be getting cheated out of money and services that you’re paying for right now. Read this article to discover what sort of Internet problems you may have due to your ISP, and how to fix them.
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Why is Netflix Slow AGAIN?!? Netflix Slow Lanes Due to ISP Limits

If you’re at home right now wondering why is Netflix slow again, while the rest of your Internet connection are fine, it can be frustrating. What you may not know is that these Netflix slowing issues are commonly caused by your own ISP – the very people you are paying to bring you Netflix in the first place!

Netflix have been having a trying time with a number of ISPs as these ISPs are also commonly cable TV providers. They are seeing Netflix as competition and giving their traffic less priority and putting it in slow lanes. Comcast being the worst of the group. Now you, the consumer, are stuck in the middle of these paying both of these companies money but you still can’t watch the totally awesome Daredevil without buffering issues! What can you do? Read on for some ideas!
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