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how to use a vpn

Privacy on the Internet: Beginner’s Guide

To put it basically, a VPN can help your privacy on the Internet by:

  • Hide your ‘online fingerprint’ from corporations, hackers, and the government.
  • Encrypt your most important data at its most vulnerable time.
  • Protect all of your online passwords.
  • Make your personal data impossible to steal via typical hacking methods.

And those are just the privacy features of a VPN, not to mention the other things it can do for you! This article is going to be a basic guide to starting to use a VPN, looking at how they were first developed, what they do, and why you’ll want to use one.
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Advanced Online Security & Privacy with VPNs that ANYONE Can Use!

VPNs were once a tool only used by very few people. This was back when everyone just assumed that your online security would be taken care of for you. With all of the hacks going on lately, against even the once thought of most secure online companies, we know that this is not the case.

This has lead to many people starting to use VPN services, but are they using them to their fullest potential? The case is often a big ‘NO’ as new users are simply downloading their VPN client and connecting. They’re not doing everything they can to make their experience more anonymous, and as secure as possible.
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Fixing Geo-Blocks and Location Blocking Problems

All VPNs can be very useful tools in getting past geo-blocks and location blocking of all kinds, and for many different kinds of content. You can use VPNs to access the BBC from the USA, or to access blocked YouTube videos from …anywhere!

There are still occasions when you’ll be logged into your VPN, ready to get past a troublesome block, only to find yourself still unable to access the website or content. What can you do to get around these location based block? I have seven different ideas for you to try to get around and fix these geo-blocks so that you can go back to enjoying the content you want to see.
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