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The Best Free Online Security Tools to use with a VPN

If I’ve learned anything in my years of online security writing and research, it’s that if you want something good you have to pay for it. This is particularly true for VPNs and virus protection. Yes, I have written a review of the best free VPNs, but those are not ideal in comparison to the ten best paid options.

There are some instances, however, when not for profit companies, or companies which are for profit but looking to attract new clients with free software, do create free online security tools that are good. Let’s look at them now, and let’s protect you better online after you’ve chosen a VPN to handle your encryption.
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Privacy on the Internet: Beginner’s Guide

To put it basically, a VPN can help your privacy on the Internet by:

  • Hide your ‘online fingerprint’ from corporations, hackers, and the government.
  • Encrypt your most important data at its most vulnerable time.
  • Protect all of your online passwords.
  • Make your personal data impossible to steal via typical hacking methods.

And those are just the privacy features of a VPN, not to mention the other things it can do for you! This article is going to be a basic guide to starting to use a VPN, looking at how they were first developed, what they do, and why you’ll want to use one.
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Advanced Online Security & Privacy with VPNs that ANYONE Can Use!

VPNs were once a tool only used by very few people. This was back when everyone just assumed that your online security would be taken care of for you. With all of the hacks going on lately, against even the once thought of most secure online companies, we know that this is not the case.

This has lead to many people starting to use VPN services, but are they using them to their fullest potential? The case is often a big ‘NO’ as new users are simply downloading their VPN client and connecting. They’re not doing everything they can to make their experience more anonymous, and as secure as possible.
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Online Security Trust is Down: US Government Report

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A recent survey by the NTIA, under the US Department of Commerce, clearly shows that people in the US have serious online security trust issues. The report was compiled to see how people felt about online security, and it isn’t anywhere near as good as it should.

Looking at the data, I can’t help but wonder how many people are aware of the fact that they can personally improve their online security by using some encryption from a VPN. Regardless, confidence in online security is falling, and this is a major issue.
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VPN Business Uses and Benefits You Can’t Ignore

From the very early days of VPN use, it was corporate VPNs which lead the way. As the Internet has blown up, and more amateurs have come into the fold, VPN business use has lowered and businesses have instead entrusted their online privacy to …well, often no one!

Using a VPN, such as any one we review on our top 10 VPNs list, can help protect your business. It can’t 100% replace a skilled IT team, but it can get you much of the way there at a fraction of the cost.
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VyprVPN Announces New VPN Servers

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VyprVPN has been built by the powerful Golden Frog Network, an Internet company with over a decade of experience in the online and digital world. With all of their resources, it’s no wonder that they continue to innovate.

Their new VyprVPN Server is a HUGE step for them in terms of expanding their reach of who they can help, and increase how efficiently they can help those people.
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Smartphone Security for Kids: Protect them Online!

With technology going the way it is, it may not be long before every newborn is given a free smartphone by Google upon their birth, and automatically signed up to Facebook by a bot when their birth certificate is created. As of right now, if you’re buying a smartphone for your child for birthdays, graduation, Christmas, or any other special occasion, you need to help protect them.

Smartphone security for kids is becoming more important as hackers look to exploit anyone they can. Most of the time, they won’t know if they’re stealing from a 55 year old man, or a 15 year old girl. They just take the data and use it. You have to take responsibility, and this article will show you the way.
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Find the Best VPN Client to Download and Use!

Choosing a good VPN can come largely down to choosing a good VPN client. That’s because the VPN client is going to do a lot of the work in controlling your VPN experience. The features that it has built into it, and the way that they are laid out, will directly impact how you use your VPN.

What makes for a good VPN client will vary from person to person. Below you will find the 5 best we’ve used. Pay attention to each one so that you can find the exact client for your needs, and get the experience that will work for you.
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