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The Most Downloaded Movies May 6, 2016

Wow, there has been a major shakeup to the most downloaded movies list this week! May 6 saw a number of movies show up out of nowhere to take the top spots, knocking popular movies like Deadpool and Batman v Superman right off the chart! Let’s look at those popular movies now!

Ok, I get you, Internet. You heard from a friend that Zoolander 2 was terrible (like I did) and you said to yourself ‘I’ll wait for a good rip. Well, that rip is here and it has seen this bad movie go straight to our top spot! This appears to be the case for The Jungle Book being back on our list at number 3, it has a new 720p version out that people are downloading instead of the cam versions of before.

One movie that you should definitely see in theatres before downloading is 10 Cloverfield Lane. Yes, there’s a new 1080p version which looks good …but there’s something about the feeling of having a few dozen other tense people around you which adds to a thriller like this. Another movie which should be watched in the theatre for a similar reason is The American Side. You can’t get as ‘OMG!’ by yourself at home as you can with a group of people also going OMG!

It comes as no surprise at all that the sensational Captain America: Civil War is on the list. What’s circulating right now is a dismal cam version. Don’t be stupid. See it in a theatre, in 3D, and see the absolutely perfect introduction of Spider-Man to the MCU. I know that we all like download movies from time to time, do not download this yet. It is a must see in theatres, and the version circulating does it no favors. Last, if you really want to learn How to be Single, take a date to see it and try to walk out going ‘that was a good movie!’ It’s terrible. Not even worth the bandwidth to download.

I’ll say this every week: Use this list is for informational purposes only. I don’t recommend that you ever download any of these, or any other, copyrighted movies in an illegal way. If you do, you have to protect yourself against a DMCA notice from your ISP. Do this with any one of the VPN providers below clicking the button and finding the right VPN for you. This will help you while downloading because a VPN will encrypt your online activities, including your p2p traffic and torrenting.

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I build the most downloaded movies list with data I pull from a torrent discovery search engines for torrenting or p2p downloads. All of the information that you read here is for informational reasons only. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promotes the distribution of any copyrighted materials.