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The Most Downloaded Movies of April 22, 2016

The most downloaded movies list for this week, April 22, 2016, has once again blown up with new movies. There are major shakeups as new movies appear, and old movies fall down …except for one movie which seems to be, dare I say, un-killable?

Here it is, for the fourth week in a row, your number one most downloaded movie is: DEADPOOL! I knew after seeing it in theatres (5 times) that it was going to be a popular movie amongst the download crowd. But the most downloaded movie for 4 weeks in a row? Really? I hope all of you spent some money and saw it in theatres, and that even more of you are hyped for the May 10 release of the Blu-Ray. It’s going to be full of mercy mouthy goodness with lots of bonus content.

New additions this week include the sci-fi drama Midnight Special (which stars General Zod/Michael Shannon), and a not-so-bible-thumping bible themed movie in Risen. These are both smaller movies with a focus on story, and aren’t as special effects laden as some of the more popular movies on the list. Another movie that’s new to the list is Criminal. This movie has great trailers, and Kevin Costner being a bad-ass with Deadpool, er, Ryan Reynolds also starring, but critics are beating the snot out of it.

Zootropolis is back on the list again, and KungFu Panda 3 is still hanging around after being on ever list I’ve made, and that bit of light-hearted fun could be just what this list needs to break up all the doom and gloom. Speaking of doom and gloom, Bats v. Supes creeps back up the list again. Is it still even in theatres where you are? Deadpool was last weekend here where I live. Looking at the local biggest movie theatre here at 4:20pm on a Friday and they have taken away the 3D showings. Wow.

To let all of my readers out there know this again: I make list is only for informational purposes. I do not recommend that you download any of these movies illegally. If you make the choice to torrent copyrighted material, it would be in your best interest to protect yourself account from a DMCA notice. Do this with any of the VPN providers which I recommend by clicking the button below. These tools will encrypt all of your online activities, including hiding your p2p/torrenting.

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I build this list with aggregate data pulled from a meta-search engine for torrenting and p2p downloads. All of the information that you read here is for informational only. The team here at BVP doesn’t promotes the distribution of any copyrighted materials.